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    Good morning. Last week there were two contracts for Castle Clash, one to install and play and the 2nd to reach lvl 4, I took and completed both , and got rewarded :) . Now there is a new contract for the same game, and it's cites : "New to Castle Clash? Log in now and claim your New Player Login Reward!" . Obviously I'm no more new to the game :p . It really bothers me that this one is rewarded more than both the 1st and 2nd contracts together, and it's much like the 1st one :( What I want to know is : Can I claim the reward directly since I already installed and played the game? If no, can I use another Google Play account to take the contract and get rewarded? If no, Can I use another phone to take the contract and get rewarded? If no, is there no LEGAL way to take the contract again ? Thanks.

    1 october 2017 09:59 1628

    The only way that MIGHT work (no guarantees) is a totally NEW account on a different internet connection(fresh IP) with different Googleplay/email
    This is an educated guess though, again no guarantees

    Those offers come from multiple advertisers but from 1 publisher, that's why you see more than 1

    1 october 2017 11:27 1628

    In this particular case it's the same advertiser (Fyber Mobile) since I took the contracts on the Wall Of Terror. I guess i'll just have to play dumb and claim the rewards 😇😛 , I hope I don't get blacklisted or something 😷

    1 october 2017 11:42 1628

    Even if it's the same advertiser (or especially if) it ost likely will not work
    I would try the new user approach like i suggested, or not try at all

    It depends on the tracelink from gamehag, if this contains some same ID every time basically you can always be traced back to your account, however if this link is uniquely created (and assigned by Gamehag internally to your account) on every new contract then you might have a chance using a new connection

    Would love to know if it worked or not

    1 october 2017 11:49 1628

    I'll let you know if it works

    1 october 2017 15:34 1628

    And? did it work?

    4 october 2017 04:20 1628

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