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    Gamehag keeps taking away xp for no reason

    I really dont get it, wasnt even doing anything for days and i come to see i lost xp

    11 march 2020 08:12 1628

    Same I randomly got a notification for "disgraceful behavior," but I haven't used Gamehag for a few days. Or is it that I was mot online for a while?

    11 march 2020 08:33 1628

    you do not lose xp for being offline.

    if you lost xp, its quiet possible that spam has been deleted, nor even a full thread due spam, if its been a spam thread.

    11 march 2020 19:44 1628

    all threads, and comments are manually reviewed. so its not like its randomly.

    11 march 2020 19:50 1628

    One of your reported comments may have been deleted even if it was not spam, once happened to me. It seems that people in here literally randomly report your comments as spam although they are not, just as to get free and lazy SG by exploiting the system.

    11 march 2020 19:50 1628

    well, you only get the SG if the spam is deleted, when you've reported it. but i can tell a lot a random messages which gets flagged as spam.

    11 march 2020 19:55 1628

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