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    Mini Games don't work !?

    Every time i play any of mini games i get video ad and then i lose everything. WHY ?

    29 september 2017 12:34 1628

    What minigame are you trying?

    29 september 2017 14:10 1628

    yes, what minigamse are u trying?

    29 september 2017 14:18 1628

    Gamehag Katana, Jumper Frog, Fruit Snake...Bro they are not working, i tried to enable ADBlocker but it looks like whole game is one ad !

    29 september 2017 18:59 1628

    the screen wont even load for me

    26 february 2020 23:27 1628

    Same for me

    26 february 2020 23:55 1628

    yeah i cant even load the game but i can on my phone

    27 february 2020 02:21 1628

    Mini-games show a black screen and doesn't load anything.

    27 february 2020 03:49 1628

    Minigames doesn't work for me too, I think you only supposed to play them using a mobile phone

    27 february 2020 06:12 1628

    I play it on mobile, and i got none problem

    27 february 2020 06:25 1628

    I got ads over and over after i lose once. I basically gave up on minigames.

    27 february 2020 08:44 1628

    And that minigames it's not working

    27 february 2020 11:21 1628

    mine work but i dont get sg from them

    16 april 2020 19:46 1628

    As far as I see, many users are facing some issues with the mini-games. I think it's inappropriate to talk about this problem on the forums, but I'll try to help you as much as you can :) Firstly, make sure you aren't using AdBlock when surfing the internet. If you're using AdBlock, disable it. Secondly, clear the cookies. By clearing them, you will get logged out of every website you've used. However, don't worry about that. Once you log in Gamehag again, your deleted cookie will recreate. If these methods don't work, just create a new ticket and state the issue in it. Make sure you send some evidence related to the issue. Good luck! :)

    16 april 2020 20:07 1628

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