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    The Best Resident Evil Games Untill 2020

    Resident Evil games there are a few. There are the main episodes of the brand, the spin-of, in addition to the remastering. In short, we have Resident Evil games to give and take, but which ones are the best? Today we will get you out of doubt with what we believe is the list of essential games whether or not you have entered your universe.

    The best Resident Evil games: Survival horror in its purest form

      Although Alone in the Dark opened the door to Survival Horror, it was not until the arrival of Resident Evil when the genre really began to be noticed. The saga kicked off taking us to the Spencer Mansion. A home a priori cozy but in which we expected a nightmare of biblical proportions that will only increase years later thanks to their deliveries. One of the charms of the first Resident Evil was, precisely, to introduce us to a mansion with zombies that in turn was full of secrets, puzzles and inaccessible areas that we would have to unlock little by little. 

    The success of his first part earned him a sequel, considered today as the most round work of the genre. From here, the rest is history. Resident Evil 2 gave way to new characters, some authentic icons within the industry. Later Jill Valentine and many other names would come to the brand. To the misfortune of some and the comfort of others, the franchise seemed to turn over the years towards the genre of action, thus moving away from its roots in which managing ammunition and fighting was key to survival. 

    Be that as it may, it seems that Capcom has resumed the path that saw the birth of Resident Evil. With Resident Evil 7 as the main proof of this and later with Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Japanese company is determined to return its maximum splendor to the IP. If you want to get into the saga in style or want to play some of the best Resident Evil games , do not hesitate to take a look at the titles that await you below. 

    Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil Zero (2002 - Gamecube)


      Resident Evil Zero is literally the last classic-style game to land in the franchise. And when we talk about classic style we mean its good handful of puzzles, variety of scenarios, ammo management and of course the fixed camera. A real joy that came exclusively to Gamecube at the beginning of 2000. Luckily and thanks to the corresponding remastering in the current generation we can enjoy in a wide number of platforms. Undoubtedly one of the great Resident Evil, with special mention to its first level and that claustrophobic train. 

    Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil (2002 - Gamecube)


      The remake of the remake. A real wonder that Gamecube owners could enjoy back in 2002. The change compared to the PSX version and the Nintendo 'cube' still leaves more than one mouth open. Of course the levels, their designs and the playable essence of the brand were respected. But it was precisely the incredible face lift that made him one of the most incredible experiences of the genre. 

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)


      If RE1 is a great remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake is their father. We do not know how Capcom has been able to perform such work in such a round, seamless way. Certain elements have been altered, perhaps part of the most iconic, such as the fixed camera. For the rest, and despite the third-person perspective and the addition of new narrative elements Resident Evil 2 Remake is simply spectacular. Impossible not to mention the graphic engine of the title, achieving a photorealistic section that even taking dozens of hours of play will keep you with your eyes wide. In our opinion, one of those titles that can perfectly cover the list of best Resident Evil games . 

    Resident Evil 4 HD

    Resident Evil 4 (2005 - Gamecube)


      Resident Evil 4 was the saga game that changed everything. The first title of the brand in third person, with camera on the shoulder and that would serve as inspiration for Gears of War. Resident Evil 4 divided the users, but today and years after its premiere it is considered a real gem. We traveled to Spain to rescue the president of the United States. A mission that is not simple and would only complicate at every step. Resident Evil 4 stood out for its spectacular levels and a unique setting, being one of the most demanded to adapt to Remake. 

    Resident Evil Revelations

    Resident Evil Revelations (2012 - 3DS)


      With a formula already adapted to the third-person perspective and a small return to survival horror, Resident Evil Revelations arrived at Nintendo 3DS with claims to recover the roots of the franchise. A huge ship became the main stage of the title, finding all kinds of creatures to face. To all this we had to add research mechanics linked to the use of a gadget that allowed us, among other things, to determine the weaknesses of the enemies. 

    Resident Evil 7

    Resident Evil 7 (2017 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)


      The expectations with Resident Evil 7 were many. Capcom returned with a new delivery numbered after the failure with the sixth episode, a game that is considered by many to be the worst in the IP. However, the company did its homework well, making it one of the best Resident Evil games . Of course, the work was not without new features. A first-person perspective was chosen, in addition to an even more terrifying plot and setting if possible. The result was outstanding, introducing this concept of survival again and knowing how to manage inventory items. 

    6 march 2020 12:52 1625

    resident evil never disappoints me man !

    6 march 2020 13:48 1625

    I never played Resident Evil!

    6 march 2020 20:05 1625

    This is the resident evil history

    The development of the first Resident Evil, released as Biohazard in Japan, began in 1993 when Capcom's Tokuro Fujiwara told Shinji Mikami and his co-workers to create a game using elements from Fujiwara's 1989 game Sweet Home.[3][4] When in late 1994 marketing executives were setting up to release Biohazard in the United States, it was pointed out that securing the rights to the name Biohazard would be very difficult as a DOS game had been registered under that name, as well as a New York hardcore punk band called Biohazard. A contest was held among company personnel to choose a new name; this competition turned up Resident Evil, the name under which it was released in the west.[5] Resident Evil made its debut on the PlayStation in 1996 and was later ported to the Sega Saturn.

    The first entry in the series was the first game to be dubbed a "survival horror", a term coined for the new genre it initiated,[6] and its critical and commercial success[7] led to the production of two sequels, Resident Evil 2 in 1998 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1999, both for the PlayStation. A port of Resident Evil 2 was released for the Nintendo 64. In addition, ports of all three were released for Microsoft Windows. The fourth game in the series, Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, was developed for the Dreamcast and released in 2000, followed by ports of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Resident Evil Code: Veronica was later re-released for Dreamcast in Japan in an updated form as Code: Veronica Complete, which included slight changes, many of which revolved around story cutscenes. This updated version was later ported to the PlayStation 2 and GameCube under the title Code: Veronica X.

    Despite earlier announcements that the next game in the series would be released for the PlayStation 2, which resulted in the creation of an unrelated game titled Devil May Cry, series' creator and producer Shinji Mikami decided to make the series exclusively for

    7 march 2020 12:22 1625

    For me itll always be RE4, ive gone back and played it a few times on different systems :)

    15 march 2020 18:43 1625

    Hard to tell, but I think resident evil 2 remake and resident evil 4. i haven't played the seventh installment, the outbreak series and the darkside chronicles. so that's without considering these games. Still, i rather doubt that they're gonna change my idea.

    17 march 2020 02:14 1625

    The RE2 remake got amazing reviews, so the expectations for RE3 coming up soon are pretty high

    17 march 2020 02:45 1625

    ÿes it is nice

    17 march 2020 04:51 1625

    I love this game😍😍😍

    17 march 2020 16:23 1625

    I love game.

    17 march 2020 20:23 1625

    Resident evil 2, the original one was the first i've played years ago and was great for that time

    17 march 2020 21:44 1625

    Nemesis was another fun one, haven't finished it but was also great

    17 march 2020 21:45 1625

    Resident Evil 6 was a bit odd from my point of view, their aproach on something different

    17 march 2020 21:46 1625

    Resident Evil 7 reminded me of films like House of 1000 Corpses or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. mostly because of the characters and settings

    17 march 2020 21:48 1625

    Resident Evil 2 is a great remake from what I saw on youtube, maybe I'll give it a shot

    17 march 2020 21:50 1625

    Anyway, great puzzles for a horror game, I recomand the series for those who can handle it.

    17 march 2020 21:51 1625

    Cool article, why hasnt been published in articles section?

    17 march 2020 23:21 1625

    best game

    18 march 2020 07:21 1625

    That is kind of difficult to pinpoint

    18 march 2020 19:51 1625

    Hi there

    18 march 2020 22:49 1625

    Usefull article!
    Thanks !

    18 march 2020 22:56 1625

    Hi there

    18 march 2020 23:09 1625

    For me itll always be RE4, ive gone back and played it a few times on different systems

    19 march 2020 03:57 1625

    That is kind of difficult to pinpoint thx

    19 march 2020 03:57 1625

    Nemesis was another fun one, haven't finished it but was also great thx

    19 march 2020 03:58 1625

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