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    Astral Chain Nintendo - Review

    There are many exclusive Nintendo hybrid console that are prepared to leave us speechless. This is the case of Astral Chain, the new action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.

      Although there are many developers who manage to leave us speechless, Platinum Games has an approach to action games that is unique and worthy of admiration, especially when we see that this brings with it amazing titles such as NieR: Automata or Bayonetta. Such is the quality of their games that it is not surprising that players look forward to their arrival.

    An Exclusive Title Full of Action and Dangerous Creatures:

    As the adventure begins in Astral Chain, you have the feeling that you are in a movie. An epic introduction and a staging of the most innovative will make you feel that you are an actor or actress who takes his first steps in the world of cinema. Although all this loaded with action and a frantic pace that will inevitably focus on the game.


    A Futuristic City Full of Dangers:

       In this amazing title we will reach a dystopian future of science fiction in which humanity has been forced to take refuge in El Arca. This gigantic city will serve as the last place to keep humanity safe from the chimeras, creatures that will be willing to kidnap people while trying to drag them into another world that is known as the Astral Plane.

    But to avoid this great danger we find the Neuron police group, agents prepared to fight the invaders, who are invisible to the human eye . Although these will not be alone, but will have the impressive support of the legions, living weapons created to detect and combat these threats.


    With such an enigmatic narrative plot, the game has the unique ability to absorb, to make time pass without really being aware of the time that has passed. And it is that as you go through the place, you cannot avoid wanting to explore , talk with the inhabitants and colleagues while facing each and every one of the enemies who will be more than willing to go into battle, regardless of whether we are prepared or not.

    An Introduction Worthy of an Action Movie:


    Being one of the members of Neuron, we will have to learn the movements. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but the reality is that, as danger lurks, you feel you can do anything . Combine weapons but, above all, our movements with the legion. A deep gameplay in which we will be taught the importance of keeping pace with our legion.

    After passing the tutorial, we will have the opportunity to test what I learned in a new tutorial. And it is strongly advised to try it and try to learn with the best ease the buttons since, once you are in full action, you will be grateful to be able to make the combos, especially when one of those chimeras seems prepared to give you the final blow and the legion does not It is available to protect you.

    A Game in Which With Combos We Can Do Real Wonders:


    As is well advised in each of the tutorials, working with our legion can make our fighting unique. As the possibility of chaining the chimeras to join a wide variety of attacks with which to guarantee victory. But we also have to control our legion's bar , make sure we don't use it at this time or when it's not worth it. The reason? Avoid having to wait for it to load and see us surrounded by dangerous chimeras that can end our adventure.

    Of course, although the fighting is frantic and you feel you are unstoppable, the reality is that Astral Chain is not just fighting. The game saves more than one moment of research, of learning data about the inhabitants and better understanding the story based on meeting people . To do this, sometimes we will use the unique skills of each of the legions.


    Using the beast we can follow a trail while the strength of another legion will guarantee us to remove the obstacles from the middle. Various puzzles and some unknowns that come our way will seem simpler with the help of legions, faithful companions who will conquer us with their unique style.

    Of course, there is still much more to know about an adventure that aims to be one of the great conquests of Nintendo Switch . One of the most outstanding surprises and an amazing jewel of Platinum Games.

    6 march 2020 12:52 1625

    wow is i nice games nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24 march 2020 20:43 1625

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