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    Yesterday i tried the "Create content" Tab and made an article about gaming keyboards . I really spent quite some hours in order to make that article and i wanted to make it as good as i could . After hours have passed i finally finished my article and sent it to the site i guess ? What i mean is i pressed the "send" Now what i want to know is will my article be uploaded here in Gamehag ? Will it be uploaded somewhere alse ? Will it not be uploaded at all ? Will i get a reward ? And how can i know what is going on with my article ? If you could help me i would highly appreciate it !!! Than you all for your time !!! :D

    26 september 2017 21:39 1628

    2 things can happen:
    1- You will get accepted and your article will be posted in the NEWS section of gamehag, in this game you will get your SG reward (200sg-1000sg iirc)
    2- You will get rejected and your article wont get posted anywhere

    In both cases you will be notified
    Accepting/rejecting articles can be very quick but can take up to as much as a week or so (maybe longer, there is no definitive timeframe explained)
    Untill you get notified there is no way to 'track' the progress, SG come instantly with acceptence of your article. Your article is NOT send back when rejected, so keep a copy yourself if you want to post it somewhere else or rewrite it.

    27 september 2017 02:34 1628

    correction: 1- You will get accepted and your article will be posted in the NEWS section of gamehag, in this *CASE you will get your SG reward (200sg-1000sg iirc)

    but yeah you got it i guess

    27 september 2017 02:36 1628

    I posted 3 articles, at least now I know for sure that all my articles are under review, because I can't make any more content until one of them has been approved/denied 😸

    27 september 2017 09:30 1628

    I waste 3 hour for my guide of scripting roblox! nIce

    14 august 2019 14:03 1628

    Then i post it to my articles i was wait an hour or day to receive a answer

    14 august 2019 14:04 1628

    for me most of the time it got rejected without any reason

    15 august 2019 04:36 1628

    Hi there, to be clear, I'm not the Gamehag's founder :) I'm

    15 august 2019 06:52 1628

    thanks guys for help

    11 october 2019 10:03 1628

    i tried to create a clickbait article it probablt wont get accepted

    11 october 2019 10:39 1628

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