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    Hi, I got the task for Wartune refused . Can anyonebody tell me what is the problem with the screenshot I sent . Here is a copy https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60kcsNV9lduRzhaRGlSQmp5TXM/view?usp=sharing

    26 september 2017 21:26 1628

    they refuse a lot of ss

    26 september 2017 21:35 1628

    yes, but at least they should specify the exact reason :/

    26 september 2017 22:59 1628

    Nothing wrong with the picture perse
    More the publisher (R2Games) being notoriously difficult

    I can speculate:
    You already had a Wartune account previously
    They don't like your location and shouldn't have offered this game to you in the first place
    you already had a R2Games account (from playing another game they provide, maybe Godwars?) and signed in with that account - You HAVE to make a NEW R2Games account and a NEW wartune account
    Maybe you got credited for a similar offer before on another site (the publisher doesn't care, it will only credit you once from whereever you might do it)

    or technical:
    Something went wrong during signup, maybe you have a static IP and it got reset, maybe it's a cookie issue
    Maybe even a family member already signed up and played before

    Remember it's not GameHag that refuses you, it is the publisher that didn't confirm you to GameHag. The publisher just denies or accept, they won't give you or gamehag a specific reason (at least not before an official ticket for support is made by Gamehag to the publishers)

    I would advise you to check with support if any of the above is ruled out as possibility

    How to contact support:
    Talk to Misty in your friendlist

    Or better go to GameHag Discord (link at bottom of this page) and DIRECTLY contact any of the GameHag staff using DIRECT MESSAGE (DM)

    Posting in the support room on discord usually has little result, seek them out in person
    Succes, would love to know how it turned out

    27 september 2017 08:05 1628

    lol...ofcourse i meant DYNAMIC ip instead of static ip

    27 september 2017 08:06 1628

    Hi, I made another screenshot, and contacted Misty, It's resolved :)

    27 september 2017 12:39 1628

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