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    how to play?

    how do i play this game? (plss tell me )

    5 march 2020 22:04 2176

    build a vehicle and go to war

    7 march 2020 13:07 2176

    you just have to choose one of the few free vehicles that you get when you start and give it to go to battle, that if you barely have the opportunity to improve your armor do it, it will be very useful in resisting the attacks of the enemies.

    10 march 2020 18:20 2176

    Here's a few tips:
    1. Don't rush into an area not knowing if there are enemies there, you could run into a large group and be blasted
    2. Shoot out an enemies weapons first, THEN go for the hull because then they won't be able to damage you any further and it makes destruction a lot easier.
    3. Help out your team, if you see someone being chased with low HP, start shooting the guy chasing him.

    12 march 2020 00:15 2176

    drive in da truuck and shoot people

    12 march 2020 16:13 2176

    Build,drive,destroy , You make your own car with spareparts and you have to destroy other's cars for money and other better parts , have fun

    12 march 2020 18:25 2176

    where to find how many battles I won?

    12 march 2020 18:55 2176

    Muchas gracias a los que explicaron

    13 march 2020 11:29 2176

    make your vehicle as powerful as possible and have to go against and shoot at others

    13 march 2020 12:01 2176

    dumb tutorial
    build big

    15 march 2020 00:17 2176

    Build vehicle and press battle

    15 march 2020 13:41 2176

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