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    Unable to find more ads?

    Since yesterday I have been unable to find more ads to watch from inside the Gamehag app. Everytime I tried clicking on the Play button it spun for a little bit and then the message "Try again" appeared. After multiple attempts throughout 2 days I've given up for now. Has anyone ever gotten this bug before?

    5 march 2020 17:08 1628

    fortnite is bad

    5 march 2020 18:01 1628

    I've been having issues with the app zone as well, though, the "Try again" message disappears after the first 2-3 clicks. When I click on the play button it'll spin and eventually fail to load an ad. I've got to click it 5-10+ times before it'll maybe load one and begin to play it. This only started in the last week. Before then I was able to load and watch ads without issue.

    6 march 2020 22:21 1628

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