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    One Piece H5 Simple Review

    This is a somewhat simple review on the game known as One Piece H5.

    One piece H5 is basically just another idle game most would say at first glance, but I am here to change that train of thought. I tried the game just go gain some exp and Soul Gems for some Steam currency I felt like I needed, but I actually ended up really enjoying the game and its many features. Allow me to explain the basic ideas of this browser game. You wait out certain points of the game to progress and gain rewards, such as the idle stages you must endure before you can fight the boss for that area. Although the game is yet another idle game, it puts a fun spin on things with the wonderful world of One Piece. You can access multiple characters to add to your team, and even choose who you want to begin with (personally, I think Zoro is the best). You are able to collect gear and items that upgrade your characters throughout the areas of the game, and then upgrade those items to be able to further upgrade your crew and other items. Once you are prepared, it is time to progress! There are multiple ways to level up and gain resources, such as the instance options, extra enemies, and even world bosses.

    There are of course, just like any idle game, certain perks that can only be unlocked by doing a "top up" and increasing your VIP status. I personally did not buy the VIP perks, but from what i have seen, they seem fairly useful (and some just look cool). You can gain mounts and pets for your crew, add crew members early, and gain extra resources if you happen to choose to top up. 

    There is also a competitve side to this game. A mode was implemented as another game option to allow players the chance to face off against other characters within the game to progress up a list of rankings. For every win the player accomplishes, they are rewarded for their battle. These rewards con be used in the shop to purchase items that allow you to further upgrade your crew and items.

    The game might seem just a tad bit slow at times, almost to the point of not progressing at all, but eventually you will find your rythm again and continue on with your journey. All in all, this is a pretty fun game and a great way to kill a fairly decent amount of time (it is incredibly easy to get addicted to games like this, especially if you really enjoy One Piece or just anime in general). If you have some time, I would highly recommend checking out One Piece H5. If you do it here on Gamehag, you could even score yourself a fair amount of extra Soul Gems!

    That was my somewhat simple summary of One Piece H5. Thank you for your time.

    5 march 2020 10:40 1625

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