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    How to: Dont get rejected when sending screenshot

    Hello all. Reading comments, you will mostly see comments like "Why did they reject my screenshot?"
    Actually, it is really easy to avoid this problem. Unfortunately, people rush and dont read the full instructions.

    So let me give you a short instruction how to avoid screenshot rejection. It is actually really easy and I can imagine people saying "Why is the OP even doing such an article?"
    My answer: Don't ask me, aske the ones getting rejected! I will be honest... I got rejected some times, too. And yes, rushing and wanting the gems is a normal reaction.
    Why bother to follow every step? I mean, to get the gems is easy, the main goal is written there.

    But let me say you something. The goals written there are probably 30% of the goal you need to achieve.
    The very first thing you need to do is: Register using the gamehag link "Play for free"

    You already have an account for the game? Doesn't matter! You need a new game account.

    After you created a new account through "Play for free" link, you are ready to fullfill the given tasks.
    If you completed the task, you need to send a screenshot.

    How to take screenshots: Press PrtScn to take a full page screenshot.
    It is important not to edit your screenshot. They need a full page screenshot.
    I will repeat: It needs to be a screenshot of your recently created account through "Play for free" gamehag-link. Don't use already existing accounts.

    Probably it is a bit tricky if you are playing a browser game. I can understand you not wanting to
    show your open tabs or your Windows Tab bar or other things.

    How to solve this problem: I can tell you what I am doing to avoid this problem:
    You take a full page screenshot and open an image-editor.
    You but out the game screen and save it.
    This works for me. Why? Because you dont change the game-screenshot.
    You just cut out your browser and Windows details.

    I hope this will help out people (I know some of you already know about this, but there are always new players missing instructions.)

    25 september 2017 16:39 1625

    Well.. i took the freedom to assume people are not that.. lets say carelsss. I really didnt want to make the people with rejection problems look dumb.
    Of courese people should know how to create a screenshot to be successful with gamehag. And I assume they read at least the task, so its self explanatory they need to show the completed task in their screenshots.

    25 september 2017 17:15 1625

    And you dont need to upload the image to an image hosting site.
    You upload it to gamehag. You make the process unnecessary longer with using image share hosters.

    25 september 2017 17:17 1625

    i tried that but they rejected

    26 september 2017 13:46 1625

    Tried what? What game? Already tried support? Already tried asking on Discord?

    26 september 2017 14:14 1625

    when youre writing an article, there is an "uaplod" button on the right top corner. you can upload your images there.

    27 september 2017 02:27 1625

    I dont have that button, i don't even have a create new thread button in the Users forum section
    I can only create a new topic in the Users section if i acces it through my mobile

    However i do have a create new thread button in the General Discusssion section

    Dmn GameHag is broken 😡

    27 september 2017 08:09 1625

    I dont even knowwho is staff here. But so far Misty was pretty helpful when I had problems. I dont know how they pick articles. Maybe even picking articles is automated like task accepting for games?

    27 september 2017 16:17 1625

    Misty has me on ignore i guess because i can never get any response and after days/weeks when i finally have some sort of reply it's meaningless and i feel i'm talking to a bot

    My choice of going to support is on GameHag's discord, i usually get quick response although up till now nothing i reported actually got solved yet

    27 september 2017 16:40 1625

    Oh Discord sounds like a nice idea.. Should try it, too.
    MAybe they can explain me there hoe people get 7000 Soul Gems in a day, withoug doing GAme tasks.. Cant imagine they get them from Minigames lol

    27 september 2017 16:43 1625

    There is also a chance your screenshot will get refused if the names dontmatch (your gamehag name and your ingame name). In this case try to contact Misty or one of their support members on gamehag discord channel and they will help you out. ^^

    27 september 2017 16:50 1625

    @Shedevil88 - It's not matched on name
    The name on the screenshot just gets referred with a signup with specific unique referrer ID
    That ID matches your account
    If you submit the proof with a screenname, the publisher just denies, or confirms while sending that ID back to Gamehag
    If Gamehag gets confirmation about any ID, they credit the account attached to it

    @brupa - the top is staff and partners such as marvelousGA, they are at the top of the foodchain since they have easy ways to refer most new users, and scoop up all unreferred users as their own
    It certainly ain't fair but we will have to deal with how it is

    The rankbonus, Chestsales, Contest... it's all smoke and mirrors, carrots on a stick to fool the majority of users and stimulate them being active in every possible way for their shot at fame

    27 september 2017 19:26 1625

    Thanks, this could be rather helpful...although I have had a few tasks refused simply for having a taskbar that hides, so that apparently must be in the screenshot...

    28 september 2017 22:04 1625

    @Kermadec how can you be sure? Did support explained that to you or is it something you suspect yourself?
    I got my task for SAO's Legend refused because my screenshot and almost ALL text was in full blown KOREAN (GameHag send me there and i basically played the game blind)
    Then i got refused for my screenshot, however after asking support and explaining my case i got credited

    29 september 2017 12:11 1625

    Doing the tasks legit would be the sure way to not get rejected.

    29 september 2017 13:46 1625

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