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    Gamehag tips on gaining soul

    I have many friends who use this site (including myself) and it's really great,and i have some tips for you
    -If you have spare time,play those mobile games,they are incredibly fun games,and are easy to play,and for the simplest of tasks you can get many souls
    -Watch the "Today's deals" section,it can have prety nice things.
    -Of the games,"Hunter X Online"is actually so easy,in about half an hour i gained 17 levels,and you need 30 lvls to get 45 souls,and it's a good way to earn souls
    -Do posts like this,if your post is interesting enough,you can also get souls
    -If you are done playing the games on your phone ,and the souls don't come ,send an email,and they will request to screenshot the evidence,and don't lie,it's easy to download a game and just start it up.
    -You can do the youtube videos ,sharing the site,and you will get souls
    -Everyday you login you get 5 gems,but it's only aviable once a day,and it's a cool way to earn soul
    This site is here to help you,and if you try hard,you can get cool rewards,like games ,CS:GO Skins,Steam wallet,and things like that,and the bonus is you can learn new games,and new friends who use this site,for me ,a guy who can't afford all these skins and games,this site is really helpful,and i loveeeeeeeeee it,i can't express how much i love it,so i think this site could be helpful for everybody.
    I hope i helped you,if you can comment if this was helpful,i would love that,and sorry for my bad English ,i am actually from Serbia,and yeah it's easy as that.
    I would love for you to write your opinions on this article,if it was or if it was not,i think it was,and add me as your friend on gamehag,to chat,and play some games :D
    That is all from me for this article ,see you soon

    25 september 2017 14:08 1625

    This site is a nice concept, if all the features worked as described, it would be awesome. I have been logging in for more than a week, yet this site will not allow me to get the weekly chest. I don't know what other features of this site aren't working as they should, however, in my experience so far, I do enjoy this site and hope to see some improvements in the future.

    12 march 2019 20:46 1625

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