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    Is Sao's Legend worth playing?

    Well what do you expect?
    Its a 13-in-a-dozen korean P2W grindcore game
    Honestly even not the worst of it's kind and i did somewhat enjoy the strategy involved picking the right abilities at the right time etc
    These games are meant to be fun for whales dumping their cash so they can pwn other players and storm leaderboard while increasing their e-pen!s

    It's certainly not the worst way to earn some SG, and although it slightly amused me at times, as soon i did the task i cashed my SG and never turned back
    I enjoyed it enough to be able to finish the task, unlike e.g. World of Tanks, i HATE that game and will never get any SG for trying that one, or Final Fantasy which takes DAYS of grinding and has an extremely high deny rate

    Remember the game publisher is looking for whales(ppl who spend lots of cash) and so pays advertisers (GameHag) to get new users(you) to signup and get addicted so they will spend money
    From the money for your signup(and according task e.g. reach lvl X) you get payed in the form of SG (after GameHag takes their piece of the cake of course ;) )

    Get used to these type of games if you want to earn anything by playing games on GameHag, because they are basically all use the same monetizing structure

    there is no such thing as a free lunch

    25 september 2017 17:57 1625

    You don't have to play it, you can just set it to auto play and do something else while it's going, although you'll need to go back and click on some boxes sometimes

    28 september 2017 09:52 1625

    i didnt enjoy this game, so repetitive and boring... and you can autoplay almost everything.. so... you dont play at all lol

    28 september 2017 20:57 1625

    Worth the gems, otherwise boring.

    15 april 2019 13:57 1625

    another korean mmorpg and it isn't my type

    15 april 2019 14:42 1625

    its not worth it

    15 april 2019 14:51 1625

    worth it :)

    16 april 2019 19:18 1625

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