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    Sanbox (Game for smartphones) - review

    Honestly, I noticed the Sandbox game at the time of release, downloaded it to my smartphone and just forgot. The fact is that there have been quite interesting projects lately that have been more attractive to me and for which I have spent my time. Yes, it is worth noting that writing a review of the game takes a decent amount of time. But, when I needed to go to Moscow on WGFest, I decided on the road to see the remaining games on my smartphone and choose what it is worth writing a review in the near future. Needless to say, all the way to the capital I played only in Sandbox and did not even pay attention to other projects? Yes, two of my power banks died in the battle for pixels, but I was able to go through enough levels and now I will tell you about the reasons why the game is called the best of its kind project and why Sandbox made it to the tops on all platforms, although objective reasons for this seem to be not. Let's see what the developers did there so cool.

    ZIK4WcCmVl0CjAeNrNRnCVj1UbsTsn.jpgThe game is coloring. I don’t know how it looks like painted for children, but in my childhood, there were such paper booklets in which there was a blank picture with faces from black stripes and sectors were indicated by numbers. For example, two - red, three - blue. And as a child, in this way I painted the whole thing, trying to memorize numbers and remember colors. This game is built on the same principle, only here sectors are cells, there are a lot of them and drawings are much more complicated, so an adult will have something to stick to. Plus, the developer thought over his specific rules, added darkness of content, and because of this, using the game is pleasant, interesting, and you can always do something cool on the go without overloading your brain or using an Internet connection. Plus, here most of the over is free.

    Control chips
    To begin with, it is worth noting that the picture can be enlarged so that it is easier for you to get into the squares of a certain color. That is, you enlarge some segment of the image, then select the desired color and begin to fill in the necessary squares. It is worth noting that it is impossible to fill in the box with the wrong color - if you selected 3, and 4 is written on the box, then you will not draw it. And, of course, there is a magnifying glass that allows you to quickly fill in long sections of the same color, which is also nice and in some moments it really turns out faster.
    This the first game of the year in which I wanted to pay my money and get all the content, although this is absolutely not necessary. To begin with, the purchase of full access is primarily needed for family access - you download the game to your smartphone and your children, pay for a monthly subscription and your children will have coloring books with hundreds of drawings on their smartphones. Some drawings, with a heart, are available only by subscription, usually these are some original drawings with a large set of details, but without these drawings there is a lot of content and there is always something to keep yourself busy.

    I really, really liked the game - it’s easy to understand, you don’t have to go through training for half an hour, then get used to the chips and gameplay features for another week. Everything is clear here and you can play, besides, it is interesting to play for both children and adults - there are a lot of pictures, they are all quite diverse and differ in the complexity of drawing, and when the picture is fully sketched, you can see a beautiful accelerated animation of exactly how you sketched this picture. In general, this is the best game for spending time on the road or somewhere else.

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