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    Is RotMG worth your time?

    Real of the Mad God (or RotMG, for short) is an 8 bit, bullet hell, permanent death MMO-RPG with tons of classes, items and dungeons to be used and explored. 

     So, my opinion may seem subjective, but it had a lot of up and down moments so I made a list of things I like and dislike. I have around 2100 hours on just my main account.
                 Things I like about the game: 
    • There is tons of dungeons,enemies and quest, for everyone, be it a newbie, experienced or veteran player. Dungeons present their own unique loot, coming in loot containers, and their rarity is as follows, White Bags holding the best of the best items:                                                      Brown Bag Pink Bag Purple Bag Egg Basket Yellow Bag Cyan Bag Blue Bag Orange Bag Red Bag White BagTreasure Chest
    • There are 15 classes to choose from, such as Samurais, Ninjas, Warriors, Paladins and many more. Each of them has an unique ability that upon use either inflicts buffs heal you and your party or deal huge damage to the enemies (Sometimes, UT items (Untiered items, usually held in whitebags) combines heals buffs and damage all together, depending on where it was obtained from)
    • There are tons of events always going on in the realms, and there are occasional events in specific dungeons that, upon completion (or killing every mob from the dungeon) will spawn a treasure chest. Sometimes, large amounts of players gather around the nexus in some of the most stable servers and host keys, basically buying a key for that specific dungeon with real money, and basically making the whole farming process faster.
    • There are little no bugs or glitches, major ones usually being patched quite fast
    • There are a variety of servers, sometimes more for the same region (Example USWest1 and USWest2), so you can pick one less crowded or pick the busiest one if you want to meet more players
    • Pets are powerfull assets that can be upgraded to the fullest without spending a single dime, although takes a very very long time to do so. (Mine is still not maxed, given that I have wasted a lot of my time goofing around)
    • The market is led by players, meaning that the rarest of items (that are tradable) can always be bought with in game items.
        Now, onto things that new players may dislike/and what I disliked
    • They wont revive player's character's even if it was caused by a lag spike coming from the servers.
    • There are servers that are not 100% stable/some servers may not be stable at all when a large amount of players gather around for key chains
    • Some updates come out of a sudden and entire builds around a single item become weak

        With these in mind, if you consider joining RotMG, I could also write a guide, although there are better guides on youtube, I could write a guide specifically on a single subject. You can always message me on rotmg: /t Florren (text), or just message me on gamehag/steam

    28 february 2020 16:10 1625

    I think it worth to spend your time on it

    2 march 2020 20:42 1625

    it's preety much fine

    2 march 2020 22:49 1625

    Yeah, it seems kinda worth it

    28 march 2020 11:30 1625

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