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    Playstation 5

    This article about Playstation 5 .I can hear your questions. When will be released ?How is that going to be ?
    Release Date :
    -Before first question .When will be realese ?Officials refuse to comment .For example Oficial about this He answered One Day .First look other Playstations .Playstation 1 has been released in 1994, Playstation 2 has been realesed in 2000, Playstation 3 has been released in 2006 and Playstation 4 has been released in 2013 .Sony pulled nearly 6 years apart .
    This also means Playstation 5 approximately release in 2019 .But Playstation doesn't make it into the charts in 2018 .Might come in 2018 .

    -And shape. It's shape In photograph .We predicted that at least in the US.

    -Playstation 5 probably the disc reader will not be .Will be has a larger harddisk and We download and play the games (It's just a thought )

    -graphics are will be 4K graphics or new resolution .Maybe 8K ?Or Larger Resolution.

    -Have a clear knowledge about the price but .Is expected to be $ 399 or $ 500 .

    Playstation VR:
    Playstation is expected to be the integration of VR most likely.If not, Not be Playstation please.

    In addition:
    A trailer published but I didn't see an official statement. That video is available below.

    Thank you for reading.


    22 september 2017 17:28 1625

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