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    Clash Royale - Prince Tactic

    This a simple guide on how to play a low elixir cost and easy to play prince deck that works either for beginners as for experts in clash royale! Give me critics and leave a like if it helped you :)
    So, let's start out by looking at the deck:
    - Prince
    - Archers
    - Giant
    - Arrow Shower
    - Fire Ball
    - Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    - Goblins
    - Bomber

    First of all, I know that some of you may not have all of this cards so I'm going to give you some options:
    - You can trade Archers for Spear Goblins
    - You can trade Mini P.E.K.K.A. for Knight
    - You can trade Bomber for Witch

    Basically this deck is a mix of rush and sustain. What I mean by this is that, if you use your cards correctly, you'll be able to rush the enemy tower pretty quickly and get some crowns right away.
    Essencially, the strategy is to use your giants in front of the prince and just try to rush enemy towers. What happens is that the Giant tanks all the damage while the prince is mainly focusing the towers without taking any to little damage, which is the perfect cenario.
    The best start would be to have the two cards in hand so you can just rush a lot faster, but if it's not the case, I recommend to start playing defense and let the enemy player throw the first play even if you reach 10 elixir, cuz this deck, as I said before, is a very good rush deck but as to be correctly or else it won't work.
    If the enemy has a rush deck, this is one of the best counter decks to it because, is used correctly, u can destroy them pretty easily! Just use the bomber, arrow shower and fire ball for aoe (area of effect) clear (like the skeleton gangs), use the goblins to counter knights and giants when they're attacking a tankier character and the archers for flying characters by placing behind the tower.
    Hope you have fun with this deck and if you have any suggestions just let me know :)

    22 september 2017 16:51 1625

    i like it so much, i am level 12 and this very applicate with me

    24 september 2018 07:20 1625

    how hard is it ?

    24 september 2018 14:38 1625

    i mean, it would be better if you would add black knight in somewhere thare, that's my opinion 😀

    21 february 2019 10:30 1625

    You re awesome!!

    21 february 2019 11:50 1625

    Seems a good tactic:)

    21 february 2019 23:56 1625

    i used to play cr and used to do prince walkyrie.Pretty op.

    22 february 2019 15:23 1625

    Awesome and useful!

    22 february 2019 15:43 1625

    really good to do!

    25 february 2019 11:50 1625

    What arena are u?

    25 february 2019 12:29 1625

    I used to play clash of clans and clash royal
    this article remmebred me of those times

    26 february 2019 12:21 1625

    I will play clash royal again with this strategy

    26 february 2019 12:23 1625

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