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    gamehag problems and their discussions

    if there is any problem in gamehag than plese share it

    27 february 2020 16:06 1628

    There are lots, but should not speak about them. You can get blocked or banned

    27 february 2020 17:07 1628

    That's stupid, and a sign of a bad site if people can't politely criticise or point out things that aren't working, without feer or being banned.

    2 march 2020 20:34 1628

    well as far as i know, you're free to share the problems, else there cant be worked on them.. but i know some cases, where people just go plain childish, and start violate a ton of rules. where some might have got a ban. but thats after multiply times. so i wouldnt say its a true statement by ratnadhatamam.

    2 march 2020 20:59 1628

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