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    List of in-game tasks for ONE PIECE H5

    1. Advance to level 10
    2. Advance to level 15
    3. Advance to level 20
    Follow the in game tutorial quests to reach level 10, takes about 5 minutes. By the time they approve your first task you will have enough levels for the other 2 because of this game's offline gains. Have fun with an easy game!

    27 february 2020 14:04 4770

    but in game i found that there was a level called advanced

    27 february 2020 15:10 4770

    Where did you find this advanced level? I couldn't find it.

    27 february 2020 15:20 4770

    They never sent me an e-mail confirmation, I also couldn't find an option in the account settings too. But the tasks were approved without doing it anyway.

    29 february 2020 09:10 4770

    If you need confirmation of the tasks, you should contact Misty. That's how I solved this problem.

    9 march 2020 11:09 4770

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