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    link steam account wont work?

    it says i linked my account but i still se that 10 sg offer for linking my acount did i linked my acount? did i received the sg? is there a way to remove that from task list?

    27 february 2020 12:33 1628

    Every single SG you acquire is logged in the notifications section (including the information about what did you get it for): https://gamehag.com/notifications
    This is the surest way of verifying whether a task/activity worked or not.
    Just note that not all tasks grant you SG straight away, although linking your steam account should.

    27 february 2020 13:31 1628

    i did that task 3 weeks ago i cant find it now. Is there a chance this could be a glitch?

    27 february 2020 13:38 1628

    Could be. If you can still see the task, you can try disconnecting your steam account (in gamehag settings) and then doing the task again.

    28 february 2020 13:06 1628

    Happened to me. Just message Misty in the help tab and provide screenshots to prove you linked the account. They will add the points manually.

    28 february 2020 20:38 1628

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