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    why is this game so heavily sponsored on youtube ?

    its kinda annoying constantly hearing about it whereever i go,and the game isnt even that special

    26 february 2020 22:46 7066

    Their marketing campaign is quite vicious. They're paying just about anyone with a media presence to read off their provided script.

    27 february 2020 09:40 7066

    well that just makes it annoying,im less likely to even check their game out then

    27 february 2020 14:44 7066

    Yeah but they make more money than the price they pay to people

    15 march 2020 19:30 7066

    its defianetaly worth the hype lol i love it!

    19 march 2020 14:36 7066

    am i the only one that came here to find out as well?

    21 march 2020 16:06 7066

    It's because it's a big game with a lot of players. I used to play it, and it's quite okay. But yeah.. they are heavily sponsored, like everywhere.

    21 march 2020 16:45 7066

    they want the money, no clue why it is so very heavily sponsored and advertised though, its annoying but the quests on gamehag for raid are heaven, so easy and high payment so i just play a bit of raid, kinda addicted :( 7/10 game, a bit buggy

    27 april 2020 05:29 7066

    Yes, it might be because it's so famous it can afford, lots of advertisement, or maybe they are spending all the money, who knows, it may be fun for some, but not for others, but it has a good review over all.

    27 april 2020 19:46 7066


    19 may 2020 17:15 7066

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