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    is this true f2p?

    can you be good in this game on f2p?

    26 february 2020 13:23 2154

    Yeah, there is no pvp (at least no one plays it) so you can just farm your gear. With money you can just buy some cosmetics or speed up progress a little :)

    26 february 2020 13:43 2154

    thanks, i will try it

    26 february 2020 13:45 2154

    It is completely free to play. The only things that aren't possible to acquire without platinum are exclusive cosmetics. Even then, platinum is entirely tradable amongst players, so you can easily get the premium items without spending a cent.

    27 february 2020 09:46 2154

    All said is true. With 550 plus hours (which is pitiful compared to others), you can get everything that has a direct impact on gameplay for free. You can farm and trade some sort after goods to trade for plat to get what you want and they have lots of plat sales and seasonal sale for thematic goods

    28 february 2020 07:36 2154

    All of the content is avaible to free to play players. If you want to buy something from the marked you can just trade some in game stuff like prime parts ,mods and all that for in game currency platinum.

    10 april 2020 23:33 2154

    100% f2p and the best part is that it is really easy to earn the games premium currency called platinum. I have made a guide on how to earn it quick and easy that should be approved soon.

    11 april 2020 18:52 2154

    i'm pretty sure this

    11 april 2020 19:11 2154

    Yes it is f2p

    12 april 2020 08:15 2154

    The game is completely free to play. You can even earn platinum, ingame currency that you buy with money by trading with other players. I am 100 hours into game and it is really great.

    12 april 2020 10:33 2154

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