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    How to play Mid Lane - LoL Guide Part 1

    Mid Lane has always been considered the most popular role in League of Legends. Due to its position on the map, it is mainly distinguished by a high impact on side lanes, 1vs1 fights and the very status of being AP “Carry”. In this article, along with our Coach, we present 10 tips and tricks to help you understand this lane and, as a result, climb the soloQ ranking.


    1 – Pick the right Mid Laner

    Choosing the champion of the role of MID in the current meta has a particularly large impact on the game.

    Why actually MID? – Because this role is in the middle of the map and when mid laner wins, the whole team also gains, because it transfers the advantage to the river and other lines.

    Current League of Legends is a very fast game, and the games usually end in 25-30 minutes!

    This makes it clear that especially in soloQ where so many aggressive champions appear in Early / Mid game (for example Zed, LeBlanc) are much better than those who need a lot of time to scale (for example Kassadin).


    2 – Pick correct Summoner Spells

    Choosing the correct summoner spells is a total basis, but still so many people have a problem with that.

    The basic question in this matter – “What does my champion do?” and “Who am I playing against?”

    For example:

    • I choose Ignite because I play an aggressive champion like Ahri and want to increase my kill potential
    • I choose Teleport on Ekko because it will help me to survive the hard beginnings on the line
    • I choose Barrier / Heal on Lux because I have a huge range and I will not be close to my opponent to use ignite. Defensive spells will surely be more useful to me
    • I choose Teleport on Lissandra because my strength is to flank
    • I choose Cleans on Syndra because I play against Lissandra and Elise in the jungle.

    Remember also that the choice of summoner spells should depend on the mainly on your playstyle and plan for the game!


    3 – Trades on the Mid Lane

    Trades are one of the basic things thanks to which we are able to win our lane. Thanks to them, we increase our kill potential or simply force the enemy to go back to the base.

    As you probably already know, a good trade on the lane is a trade in which you will deal more damage to the enemy.

    But on what does our trade really depend?

    • Current level – (use the advantage of your level, which gives you additional statistics such as 70HP and second skill on 2lvl)
    • Available skills – (play around opponents cooldowns, if he used skills for the minions or did not hit you it is a good moment for the trade because you have more skills)
    • Auto attacks – (especially in the early game they are incredibly strong, remember to use them in combat, regardless of the character)
    • Range – (use the advantage of range in terms of skills and auto attacks)
    • Fight in minions (the tide of minions is really strong, watch if the opponent does not fight in your minions or if you yourself have not become their victim)

    4 – Early Ward on raptors

    The early ward on raptors is currently the only right and useful ward. It will show us exactly when the enemy jungler travels to the other side of the jungle, thanks to which we know which site is safe – we’re going to play there now!

    In the current game jungler in the first place wants to hit 3lvl, and only then looks around for a potential gank or crab.

    This is due to the fact that the scuttle crab does not respond in 2 minutes but 3:15. Thus, the 1:15 ward of the river does not make any sense any more.


    5 – Vision at the Mid Lane

    A little talk about a standard mid vision could not be missing here. If we want to win our lane, we must first ensure that we do not become a victim of the jungler’s enemy.

    The basic mistake is putting wards on two sides of the lane. It is logical that if the jungler does not show up on your wards on the right side, then you should be afraid of it from the left.

    Above, we present you the correct location of the vision around your lane.

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