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    Roblox for Beginners

    Roblox a game of GAMES, that is how I'd describe it and all it takes to get started is an email account which you can get free via Google's Gmail or Windows Outlook, even Yahoo has a free email service.

    You are now wondering what do I do once I have created an account, right?

    Once you have an account, start customizing your character with free add-on's(Yes, they give you a bunch or free accessories to get started). Should you feel your character feels a bit incomplete, don't worry because many games allow you to customize your character in-game with their own set of accessories(Many of it are free so no worries about not having any Robux). Some games also have a custom look for characters or custom characters itself so the importance of creating an awesome looking character at the beginning is not so important especially for someone who is still getting a handle of things(The life of a noob xD).

    Just like Facebook, you can add send Friend request and choose who's friend request to accept plus there is a chat feature in and out of games played(Some games may choose to disable this feature depending on the developer/creator so don't freak out should you find out that the chat part is missing, it's just the way that game is built). You should note that there is a filtering feature that mute certain words like 'Kiss', 'Love' and so on as it is stated that Roblox is a kid friendly game. So at times you may get annoyed or irritated with this feature and just want SCREAM!! Please remain calm and breath because there are always ways around this which may prove funny or even silly at times.

    Remember how I mentioned Robux, that is the in-game currency used by Roblox which allows you to buy their accessories and access games that charge Robux just to play it(You can also earn Robux by creating gear like Shirts, Pants, even Hair and Emotes probably and sell them). Please don't stress should you not have Robux as most games, even some of the best games out there are FREE TO PLAY!! As to why some developers charge Robux to play their games when others don't; it's because they are probably are relying on Robux for funds as we all need to find ways to earn a living, right?

    There is no such thing as Free Robux so don't fall into that trap(There are ways to earn Robux as with Gamehag you get to swap SG for Robux which is pretty awesome)

    Lastly, you might be wondering about how to create your own games and share it with others; all you need is to download the Studio app onto your Windows PC and get started. The download is around 50 MB to 100 MB with regular auto-updates(size will vary but around 200 MB or less). There are also lots of helpful resources via their dev-forum, wiki-page and youtube at hand which can teach you to even code. You my find creating games to be also as fun as playing them.

    System requirement:
    - OS Windows 7 or higher
    - 1.6 CPU or higher
    - 1 Gig Ram or higher
    - 20 MB or higher
    - Dedicated graphics card not really needed as long as you have DirectX 9
    (I'm running a laptop with Intel shared graphics and gameplay is okay, it's just that you need a fast internet connection or you'll be either laggy or find that things loading slowly as all games are loaded and the larger and more detail the game has, more data and data speed is needed)

    There is also Roblox for Android which requires Android 4.4 or higher.
    (Please be aware that Roblox is a data hungry game so you might use anywhere from 200 MB to 600 MB on PC, Mobile might be slightly less, it mostly depend on the complexity of the game on Roblox)

    Thank you for taking the time to read all I have written >////< )

    24 february 2020 15:42 1625

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