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    contracts not paying ?

    I have so much trouble with contracts i nthink nI had 1 out of 4 accepted. pop slots lev 27 got the big zero because the link from my phone gives 404 error, Marvel Champions made it to lev 25 oops sorry not on wall anymore, The Godfather family Dynasty lev 15 mansion wont accept says Raid Shadow Legends zero . I have earned 41000 SG so Im not new at this. Theres a couple of others that didnt work forgot all been so many and so long ago. I tried misty they say no control talk to wall support surprise surprise no help either YOU GUYS SHOULD COME UP WITH SOMETHING THAT TELLS YOU IF YOU SIGNED UP RIGHT AS SOON AS YOU START PLAYING NOTHING WORSRE THAN SPENDING 1 WEEK TRYING TO GET POINTS AND HEARING SORRY YOU DIDNT REGISTER RIGHT. BEWARE OF CONTRACTS ALOT DONT PAY

    24 february 2020 00:43 1628

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