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    (4.34/5) 10086 rates

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    2400 2880
    Soul Gems

    For 4 quests

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    you know how to play ¡?

    I do my best in this game has very good graphics

    18 february 2020 21:47 2176

    just build a car and add some g u n s

    7 march 2020 13:09 2176

    This is the best game i have ever play!

    7 march 2020 17:12 2176

    its control is very simple, you just have to advance and aim your cannon well, being careful at all times that your enemy does not shoot you at the wheels in which case you would already be out.

    10 march 2020 18:16 2176

    nah i dont

    18 march 2020 10:05 2176

    yea I know how to play and I also know how to get xp from typing so I'l tipe a little longer you know.

    25 march 2020 12:18 2176

    But No matter how hard I try I am unable to submit the first task for the game. My screenshots are always being declined

    25 march 2020 13:05 2176

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