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    2 times rejected in first task

    Hello i got 2 times rejected in first task and my screenshot quality is good and i did what it says i have win 15 matches. Do someone know how to get correct on the first task?

    18 february 2020 13:39 2176

    you have to sign up a new account

    18 february 2020 14:01 2176

    but they say that ishould make sure i did everything right and upload a new screenshot :(((

    18 february 2020 14:21 2176

    yeah, i got this message too (with the war thunder tasks though), so i created a new account through their link, completed the task and it worked just fine

    18 february 2020 16:33 2176

    I can't do this

    19 february 2020 09:17 2176

    you need to take a clear screenshot i recommend you use lightshot

    20 february 2020 14:46 2176

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