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    I don´t like itchio

    It´s crap, sorry

    17 september 2017 09:43 1628

    It's not the best but it's certainly better than Steam for exploring free indie stuff. And it looks neat. What's wrong with it?

    17 september 2017 11:00 1628

    I don't know why you people say good things about itchio. I have about 20 giveaway games in my itchio account and all of them look TERRIBLE, I won't play it even if I'll get paid for it. What is indie game in your opinion? what prevents steam from exposing good indie games? oh let me guess, ratpack of cheap games that created for trading cards, and people like you - spammers - who will post positive review to any **** with cards if you received it for free and got 3 cents profit.

    18 september 2017 02:24 1628

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