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    I know how to complete crossout tasks.

    you just need to send a screenshot of how many matches you have played upload the screenshot if it get rejected again upload the screenshot again and make a ticket if you dont know how to create a ticket first click on Misty in FRIEND LIST then Click Create a ticket then click "I want to tell you something" then click "I have an idea for new functions on Gamehag." then describe the issue you have

    15 february 2020 12:16 2176

    ı can t read this

    15 february 2020 12:41 2176

    interesting, why do you have to do this?

    15 february 2020 14:13 2176

    love the game its awsome

    15 february 2020 20:58 2176

    That's just one of the possible answers that allow to actually write something to explain your issue, there are others. The one I usually go for is "I have a problem with the platform > Technical problem > Other".

    Send them your screenshot whenever it gets rejected whereas it shouldn't. If it really shouldn't have been rejected, they will accept it. Keep in mind however that it CAN happen that something failed during the account creation or such. If Misty / the support says something like that, then it's true (most likely, at least). Unlike with the normal way of sending screenshots. You do still have to submit your screenshot the normal way first however (I once tried to send it to Misty right away, it didn't work).

    16 february 2020 02:43 2176

    Can i play it on steam?

    21 february 2020 13:51 2176


    29 february 2020 20:48 2176

    it keeps rejecting... i have no idea how to do it, i also wrote a ticket, but nothing happens

    1 march 2020 10:30 2176

    This is pretty boring game but doing it for soul gems

    2 march 2020 18:38 2176

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