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    Quite a Serious Question

    Listen, I'm a huge WoW buff , but I have no idea what's Hearthstone is all about, could anyone fill me in on it, any detail helps.

    14 february 2020 19:55 4081

    Basically HS doesn't follow a storyline as WoW does, it just releases game packs (& adventures) that are somewhat tied to eachother. You have a ranking system and the game itself is played with cards that have different properties and Heroes with different hero powers which improve the gameplay. As for me, I prefer playing HS and I don't really enjoy WoW, but I know tons of people who do enjoy both. I think that HS is a bit more strategy based and for lazier people, for that matter 😂. It can become frustrating AS **** at some point though and you will need some time to finally get the hang of it but it's really fun. Hope this helped!

    28 february 2020 17:16 4081

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