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    Minecraft New Snapshot (1.16)

    Minecraft's new snapshot comes with new materials and blocks. Not much is out yet, though soon there will more information on this topic.

    Minecraft after 291 days of waiting, Minecraft released a new update! This update is including the super hyped up 
    Netherite armour. This was shown in the article thumbnail. The update also includes new mobs, new blocks, and possibly new systems and how the game works. It is rumoured to be the strongest material after diamond! So we know this is going to be a monumental, important update, ever since, 1.14.

    There are many new mobs that Minecraft (Microsoft) is releasing. One of the new mobs is designed similarly to a hog with two tusks, pink skin, and brown fur. The mob is currently named, "Hoglin". Here is a picture of it:  6u0iC3jVcabZ0OCEngp3EwSZ0XKMzr.png
    The mob is described as neutral and does not attack when faced.

    There is another unreleased mob that is coming out named the "Piglin". It is a reskin of the "Pigman" mob in Minecraft commonly found in the "Nether". It is a very special mob with special characteristics. This mob to me is so special. It is usually aggressive unless you are wearing golden armour. It will not attack you if that is the case. I do think they don't attack you because of this because it reminds them of normal pigman mobs. These mobs are described holding a golden sword, similar to hoblin, white eyes, flat ears, pink skin, leather clothing, a belt, and black paws/hooves. Picture: Normal 

    The new armour being added as mentioned before is the netherite armour. It will be surprisingly more rare than diamonds and of course, stronger. It is a monumental addition to Minecraft. This is because of its awesome properties and it is the first material being added in a while. The creators of Minecraft have already made a block for it.

    There are not many new blocks being added to Minecraft to our current knowledge. Though some YouTubers have special access to those. We just wait in the future until they will reward us with further information. Ssundee, who is one of my favourite YouTubers made a new video about netherite armour. In the video, it is shown to be unbelievably OP. The netherite material can make every single tool. Which is similar to other materials as well. I predict there might be more and new changes to either Redstone or blocks. Minecraft is really a special game and I really can not wait for the new details.
    Minecraft has lots to offer and in the future and beyond. Do you think these are some good changes to the game? Tell me your opinions below. These are some of the details we have now our knowledge will continue to grow. We will wait until further information comes around and I will see you next time. Bye!

    14 february 2020 00:43 1625

    good man nice

    10 march 2020 16:24 1625

    Netherite is going to be the best material

    10 march 2020 20:03 1625

    Wow,looks great!

    10 march 2020 23:15 1625

    I think good

    19 march 2020 18:00 1625

    This game price is 750 i will not buy this :(

    19 march 2020 18:40 1625

    I need a team

    29 march 2020 12:41 1625

    Oh my! I guess I will continue playing minecraft :)

    29 march 2020 14:41 1625

    finally here

    29 march 2020 14:51 1625

    i luv this update

    29 march 2020 14:51 1625

    dude now that's a good update!

    29 march 2020 15:00 1625

    nice snapshot

    29 march 2020 16:00 1625

    Nice looking good

    29 march 2020 16:53 1625

    I love it i always looked the nether idk why pfft XD

    29 march 2020 16:54 1625

    i rly nee d to try it ty for helping

    29 march 2020 17:02 1625

    after the complete disappointment that was 1.15, this definitely seems a bit better

    16 april 2020 22:24 1625

    i love minecrafttt

    16 april 2020 22:26 1625

    nice skins looks good

    16 april 2020 22:28 1625


    17 april 2020 09:38 1625

    great update

    17 april 2020 09:39 1625

    cool, i decided to go to nether soon

    17 april 2020 12:31 1625

    I like the new nether update! :D

    17 april 2020 12:46 1625

    minecraft is the best game i like it

    17 april 2020 13:29 1625

    first time i played wow

    17 april 2020 13:30 1625

    very easy game and very fantastic game

    17 april 2020 13:31 1625

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