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    Any tips on writing articles?

    help me pls

    15 september 2017 09:23 1628

    Take a subject that interests you and where you can write alot about.
    When the article is written, add one or two images.
    Make sure to write without spelling/grammar errors, to improve the quality.

    If you need inspiration on what to write about, check out what others write about. Usually reviews for games they played. It doesn't matter which game you write a review about. There are reviews for the 400 SG games, I made a review about Runeyana and Dust: an Elysian tail (games not many people have heard about), I even wrote articles about a few games I haven't played. There's even articles about games that haven't even been released yet.

    Basically, everything can be approved as an article, as long as you're able to write enough about something.

    13 december 2017 09:42 1628

    Basically what Dracindo told you. Pick up a topic you like and write your opinion on it. For instance, I wrote an article pointing the main differences between Dishonored I and II. It's neither a review or a guide (the most common types of articles), but those are games I really like, and I'm really into the world of the game, so it came easily for me.

    13 december 2017 21:34 1628

    You can write a guide with useful tips for new players if you have some experience in a game as well

    13 december 2017 21:37 1628

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