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    I usually play this game when I wanted to relax and also as a habit. “Gardenscapes” is free to play game. It released by Playrix in 2016. The game is available on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Facebook, browser, and also Nintendo 3DS. The game combines simulation elements and traditional match-3 mechanics.

    Game play

    Gardenscapes is a match-3 puzzle game, where the core gameplay is based on swapping two adjacent to make a row or column or group of at least three elements. (It's like the game “candy crush”.)

    Every level has a goal, examples of which include collecting a certain number of elements, (For examples; pears, flowers, apples, glasses of lemonade, mystery sacks, berries, fishing floats.) locating garden gnomes, digging up emeralds, setting off firecrackers, or removing ivy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gardenscapes consists of a number of areas. By completing match-3 levels, players earn stars and coins to complete tasks and progress through the storyline by unlocking new areas. Treehouse Area, Fountains Area, Maze Area are some of them.

    Players are challenged to complete different tasks and use a wide range of decor items to create their own unique garden with the help of Austin the Butler. Players have the opportunity to make friends with in-game characters, follow them on an in-game social network, and have the company of an animated dog.

    New areas task and activities

    Gameplay features multiple areas in the garden.

    Each area requires players to reach one or more goals that lead to task completion over one or more days.                                                   

    The successful completion of a task results in players receiving stars that, when accumulated, can be used to complete activities in each area of the garden.

    Activities require the successful completion of one or more levels. 

    Some activities impose a time delay on players; other activities result in players receiving awards of coins or boosters such as shovels, bombs, bundles of dynamite, TNT, rainbow blasts, or both coins and boosters.

    The successful accomplishment of all activities in each area results in a “completed area.” Completing an area requires one or more days.

    With the exception of Area 1 Day 1, each day ends with a requirement for players to complete at least one level to advance to the next day or the next area. 


    In my point of view, It's a good game to play for relaxing. Yes, because of its free the game contains a lots of ads. But it’s a nice game. I love how many things Austin can say. The graphics are amazing! I like how whenever you click on something it makes a noise, like if you tap bush is makes a like bush sound or if you click on ice it makes an ice clinking sound. The sheer effort they put into the little social page you can click on is so cute, like I’m sure not too many people look at it, but it’s always there. It’s just so green and lush I love it.

    If I get to a hard level, I may just stop playing for a few months, but in the end I will always come back. I love the dog, and how sometimes there’s those little training levels. I love the background music it’s so calming. I do wish there was a way, if you truly needed to, to skip a level like maybe a special ticket that’s only available from the treasure chest on the daily wheel. Sometimes my friends make fun of me for playing it, but I don’t care, I will play this game as long as it exists. I dream to one day finish my beautiful garden alongside my trusty butler, Austin.

    13 february 2020 00:31 1625

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    5 march 2020 15:32 1625

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    5 march 2020 16:07 1625

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    5 march 2020 18:01 1625

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