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    I cant complete my task, please help

    I send a screen shot witch showes teh ammount of wins i have, and when i send it to them, they decline it, somebody please help

    12 february 2020 19:59 2176

    I have the same problem. I did those stupid 15 wins and after 23 hours of waiting, they rejected it. Maybe we sent the wrong screenshot.

    13 february 2020 08:37 2176

    i mean i send a screen shot showing my wins and i have 25, i think its because of teh user names since they might think we downloaded the screenshots

    13 february 2020 10:53 2176

    If it says 15 wins, your screenshot must show that you have 15 wins, not more. And your username must be the same *or similar*.
    If both conditions are respected, both are visible, yet the screenshot is rejected, send it to Misty (some choices lead to the possibility to actually write to someone).

    13 february 2020 15:49 2176

    i need play crossut :0

    13 february 2020 15:55 2176

    So most of the tasks on this website requires you to have a gajin login to play the games, but apparently you can't use the same gajin account if you've already done a different task with it. This is so extremely stupid please fix this because it just doens't make any sense at all

    13 february 2020 19:37 2176

    you just need to send a screenshot of how many matches you have played
    upload the screenshot if it get rejected again upload the screenshot again and make a ticket
    if you dont know how to create a ticket first
    click on Misty in FRIEND LIST
    then Click Create a ticket
    then click "I want to tell you something"
    then click "I have an idea for new functions on Gamehag."
    then describe the issue you have

    15 february 2020 12:10 2176

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