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    For realistic scare fans: Outlast

    As many people I am also an adrenaline junky and just like many people I just don't have time to go bungee jumping or parachuting so I find my thrills with good scary games. In this article I am going to tell you about my favorite, outlast.

    Outlast is a first person survival / escape horror game taking place in an insane asylum. The main character is an investigator who investigates dangerous areas to gain reputation, so he decides to check out this place when things gone horribly wrong and he can't leave. Trying to escape this nightmare you uncover many secrets and realize this is not an ordinary asylum, but rather a biological experiment lab that uses patients as subjects.
    As this creates fearful and angry subjects chasing you all the way in the game there are other enemies like post security who is determined to cut your head off and walrider who is the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong and became a ghost like creature trapping everyone inside, killing if someone wants to leave.

    As you are not a fighter and have no weapon whatsoever you only have two choices to run or hide! This makes the game more scary since you felt more desperate and don't have to focus on shooting. After all, if I wanted to shoot things I would have played battlefield. Trying to be stealthy you have to perform one task after another only leading to more unfortunate events and you fall deeper into this nightmare. In fact stealth is the major factor of winning this game that and a little bit of luck of course.

    Since your opponents have unpredictable AI's which is great by the way you will never know which route they will take and where they will each not to mention the horrible struggle of trying to find batteries while you evade dangers so you can use them in your camera to navigate in dark places. If you run out of batteries which are abundant hopefully you will have much harder gaming experience as your vision would reduce to almost nothing. But fear not since all the places are at least kind of dark with tons of scary objects lying around you, most of the time don't see your enemies unless they find you. You usually plan your walking strategies based on sound of your enemies like most other scary games.

    I would like to add a few notes, first of all some people might get stuck in some parts, for example, you may not be able to find valves game asks you to find there are good tips about all of these on steam, which don't give any spoilers but on the internet I found a few tutorials that gave spoilers so check them out at your own risk. Secondly, if you want a realistic experience avoid picking the easiest difficulty because it gives you many hit points allowing you to escape certain parts of the game even if you are caught immediately and just run without any tactics.

    Here is a picture to give you a taste of what navigation in the game is like:

    11 february 2020 19:48 1625

    Is outlast even scary??

    25 february 2020 08:25 1625

    I tried the first game and i coudn't play it after the first scare THAT man in the wheelchair scared me out of nowhere. Not really a horror fan :(

    25 february 2020 17:33 1625

    Still haven't tried this one. But I will bump it up on my playlist.
    Do you think its better than RE2 remake?

    27 february 2020 15:31 1625

    I really don't like scary games

    27 february 2020 16:11 1625

    outlast !!!! love that game !

    10 march 2020 17:15 1625

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