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    Civilization V

    Civilization V is a turn-based 4x strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K. The game offers a perfect blend between the old and the new, offering the veterans of the series a familiarity while at the same time succeding to be a fresh and polished new game to attract new players.

         First few turns

    The game begins as any other Civilization game, you are beginning with a single settler and a dream to create the worlds most successful nation, achieving this goal turn by turn. Being a strategy game, the position of your first city is very important so choose wisely as the resources found in the vicinity are extremely important for your advancement.



       In this game there are multiple ways to win, and as such different ways to play. Every nation has its advantages and its disadvantages depending on the playstyle you wish to implement, and depending on the type of victory you want to achieve i.e. conquering all the other nations, being the first nation to launch a rocket outside the solar system or achieving cultural dominance. For example Venice is a nation that can't expand by conventional means i.e. annexing other cities, it can only puppet other cities, hindering its expansion but at the same time, Venice, has double the trade routes available making it a formidable trading powerhouse. Rome is a good nation for your first gameplay as its unique abilities and troops give you a leg above the competition early on allowing you to develop rapidly. Going to war is quite fun and strategy is very important if you want to ensure victory. Flanking your enemies (attacking from an adjacent tile) is a great way to damage enemy troops heavily, while attacking over a river is a very risky task and can lead to your defeat. Sieging a city is quite challenging because now, you not only have to fight the enemy troops to reach the city gates but you also have to contend with the city itself which, quite rudely, attacks you along the way. As such your attack force needs to be quite diverse, spearmen, infantry and cavalry to charge towards your enemy and archers or artillery to hurt the enemy troops or city from a comfortable distance keeping yourself quite safe. Also, the presence of a Great General (who you can recruit) will increase your troops efficiency when near them.  

      For a game that doesn't rely on its visual beauty to get its message across, the graphics are indeed something out of this world. Some may even say that this the best looking strategy game of all time (not myself I'll give that title to Xcom 2). The attention to details is astounding, the landscape is terribly beautiful and the resources are represented very well on the map making themselves very easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. As examples, you have horses grazing the prairies indicating a tile good for a pasture or on the ocean majestic whales indicating a source of food and gold.

        Civilization 5 is a great strategy game that will challenge you to be better while also training your decision skills or strategic mind. All in all a great experience all around, and it does a great job at satisfying bot veterans of the series and new players alike. Great game to introduce yourself to the 4x strategy games genre. 8.5/10

    11 february 2020 14:34 1625

    I liked it as I like other strategic games

    2 march 2020 19:19 1625

    Sounds like an strategic game

    2 march 2020 19:31 1625

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