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    Is warframe a good game

    I have played it for a couple hours and I can confirm that it is a good game for any one looking for a syfy futuristic novel. Further more by looking at the steam statistics WARFRAME is always on the top 20 played games. If this isn't a proof that it's a good game to have, than I don't know how I can prove it

    13 september 2017 23:59 2154

    love this game

    1 june 2018 13:22 2154

    yeah love it and the last update is awesome wating for summer vacation to play it

    4 june 2018 16:17 2154

    I dont know

    6 june 2018 19:51 2154

    Ive played warframe for quite a while and ill say this. Warframe is a multi grind mmo game that some people may like and many others love im with the many others it up to you for if you like the game

    19 august 2018 15:06 2154

    yes, it is, good to play, good to compete with friend, .......v.v

    13 february 2019 04:49 2154

    I played like 1000 hours so yes, yes it is

    13 february 2019 18:32 2154

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