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    Memes Aside - This game doesn't suck

    "Before we begin today's video, a word from our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends!" is probably a phrase you have heard numerous times on the internet, but have you ever actually taken the time to download the game and try it? I have, and I have to say, it wasn't as bad as it's reputation would lead you to believe. I actually had a bit of fun with it!

    It was just like any other day, I was watching some YouTube and enjoying a Tuesday afternoon when I heard about this game. I shrugged it off initially as being "yet another gacha money-sink" and largely ignored it. Except, it wasn't that easy. Everywhere I went, I was bombarded with ads and sponsorships for RSL and eventually, after a year of fighting, I gave in. It helps that Gamehag has tasks for it as well (Thanks guys for bribing me into expanding my horizons!) which are fairly generous. I decided to get the PC version and started playing.

    Before I fully explain why this game is amazing, let me first explain what the heck the game is. RSL is a gacha-game (randomized loot pack champions and equippables, a la Grand Summoners) turnbased RPG for PC and mobile devices. It has pretty good graphics, optimization, and interfacing, though it does become painfully obvious that it is, in fact, a mobile game. The combat, which is the primary focus of the game, takes place in turns, as I mentioned before. These turns play out just like any other TBRPG and are brilliantly animated. There are numerous champions and items to choose from, ranging from useful to absolute garbage, but it's best to adapt according to the mission you are playing, due to different types having weaknesses to their opposite (Think: Pokemon). There is also PvP and other modes to battle your champions in.

    Once I installed the game, I was greeted with the basic tutorial for many RPGs: Max level powerhouses steamrolling through a dungeon, only to all be killed at the very end and made to grind back to the top. It does one of those annoying forced choice tutorial sections, where it forces you to click on about 500 different things before it leaves you alone, and drowns you in ads for the ingame mtx. However, once I was free to go, I found myself just investing into new characters and upgrading my existing ones and letting autobattle take care of it for me. The champions themselves look pretty interesting, and varied, with various races and types represented (there was even a zombie dog I got). However, all of the female characters are oversexualized. Like Dead or Alive on steroids levels here. This might bother some, but I personally don't care.

    Once I hit around level 10 or so, I began to realize something. This game drowns you in currency and rewards for playing. This may just be the "hook" part of the game's design and will taper off, but as far as first impressions go, it isn't too bad. The combat feels meaningful, the campaign battles are exciting, and there is always something to do, I haven't had to wait for something a single time. The microtransactions are a little bit absurdly priced for my taste, but that might just be elitism from a PC enthusiast. Anyway, speaking of first impressions, I have only been playing around 4-ish hours, so I cannot speak to the rest of the game, though I will definitely say that I will not be uninstalling any time soon. Worth a play.

    Final Score: 7.6/10

    11 february 2020 12:17 1625

    It didn't work for me.

    8 march 2020 06:49 1625

    Nice stolen post @Rocked3420
    No robux for you! Enjoy the ban!

    8 march 2020 06:57 1625

    It doesn't work for me either.

    8 march 2020 07:19 1625

    Could you maybe explain what you mean by it didn't work? I'm no expert in this game's bugs or anything, but I do have some experience with IT and computers so I can try to help if i can!

    8 march 2020 07:20 1625

    nice work i like it so much

    8 march 2020 07:26 1625

    its so good to message you guys

    8 march 2020 07:27 1625

    i achaully like you guys

    8 march 2020 07:27 1625

    Easy on the spam dude.

    8 march 2020 07:27 1625

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