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    Stellaris Presentation

    Stellaris is a space-empire building game. If you like exploring and expanding your realm this is the game for you.

    Published in 2016, Stellaris, is the creation of Paradox Interactive and it is sandbox-empire building game. You start by creating your own species and empire (you could also choose one of the premade ones if you so desire.) by choosing the way they look, the species trait, it's government and the planet they live on. After you choose the game's settings i.e. number of AI empires, the scale of the galaxy or the level of advancement of said empires you are allowed to begin. The gameplay spans over three stages: early game, mid game and late game.

    Early game is the period at the start of the game in which you are supposed to explore and expand. This stage is full of anomalies to find and understand or events to trigger. The events are usually very well fleshed out and interesting often giving you useful boosts and interesting lore bits. To advance your empire you need to research technologies in the realm of physics, society and engineering. By building space stations orbiting important planet, colonizing or building different building on the surface of your capital or colonies you steadily improve your nation economy. As soon as you find your first alien empire you can choose to either ally with it or declare it to be a rival and prepare for war.
    Mid game is the period the consists of mainly conquering, expanding your borders further or continuing your research. By now your empire should be a powerhouse in the galaxy. Your coffers are full, your fleet is uses state of the art tech and, quite possibly, your enemies are many. At this stage the exploration ceases to play an important role and the events and the anomalies of the early game dwindle in number. Expand by force or by forming alliances.
    Late game is the last stretch of the game when fallen empires awoke, and crisis may arise to terrorize the galaxy. You and the other empires need to cease fighting and focus on defeating the crisis the threatens all live in the galaxy. The Prethoryn and the Interdimensional Invaders have different triggers, act differently and should be fought differently.

    Stellaris, being a Paradox game, is constantly updated with new content and bugfixes, also new expansions are added frequently. The newest major expansion was Ancient Relics Story Pack which brings archaeological dig sites and powerful relics into the game. The next expansion is said to launch early 2020, probably late March, bringing a diplomacy revamp and more meaningful federations. The expansion is named Federations.
    In conclusion, Stellaris, is a great game for the 4x enthusiasts by elevating the genre to a galaxy wide stage. The content is good, and it always can be added upon by purchasing DLCs or downloading mods creating by its wonderful community. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, and I hope we will find each other in the galaxy.

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