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    This is an MMO RPG browser based game,created by InnoGames
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    This game is about building up you empire and "In Elvenar, we have to choose a race we want to play as ruler of." as it stands in the Game's description.
    Build up the most beautiful city and establish the most efficient economic system that you can! In Elvenar you can upgrade almost every building, improving the productivity and the look of your city.
    When you first click on the link of Gamehag it takes you to a Site where you can register but I'm pretty sure 90% who's reading this article is reading it after he/she played the game.
    When you're registered you're pretty much good to go.You need to choose between Human and Elves its up to you which you choose. 
    When your game starts a little tutorial pops-up.You have to do it if you want to build a Steel Manufactory.
    -----After the Tutorial-----
    Ok now you completed the tutorial...Well done so...You can collect more People by increasing the map.
    And how to do that you can? By purchasing it with coins...It can take up:
    Easy discovering area:1-Minute
    Medium discovering area: 10-Minute
    Hard discovering area : 30-Minute 
    "On the vast and seemingly unending world map, numerous other tribes of elves and humans have made their home. You can visit them and take a good look at their city building progress."

    So thats it i'm glad if i could help you and by the way Sorry for my bad english I'm from Hungary/Austria

    12 september 2017 15:33 1625

    great work

    9 march 2019 16:51 1625

    yeah its good

    11 march 2019 13:32 1625

    good enough

    11 march 2019 14:29 1625

    what is this group

    11 march 2019 16:03 1625

    I think it just like other strategy war games on phone/pad, except it's on PC.

    12 march 2019 10:56 1625

    How does this game look like

    15 march 2019 11:34 1625

    nice job mate

    17 march 2019 02:04 1625

    yeah its good

    17 march 2019 16:05 1625

    Also good job

    18 march 2019 21:45 1625

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