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    Review of 7 days to die

    Review of 7 Days to Die

    in this short article i'm gonna write a review about 7 days to die, a game released for Xbox and Windows and steam in 2013 and lately released for Linux in 2014.
    game takes place after the nuclear Third World War that destroyed an extremely large part of the world.
    The player plays the role of a survivor of the war who must survive by finding shelter, food and water, as well as scavenging supplies to fend off the numerous zombies, whom are the consequence of the nuclear fallout.
    Though there is no real objective except surviving at this moment, the developers hinted at a possible storyline that will be added in future updates.
    Although the lack of a main storyline, there are still a few quests to do like jobs, provided by the Traders, and the Tutorial quest line. 


    The game starts and you find yourself in the middle of no-where, the first concerns are the food to eat and the drinkable water, you try to scavenge in order to survive.
    In this game you can scavenge almost anything, trash scattered around, cars, houses, buildings, almost anything.
    You follow the Tutorial questline that provides you the first basic knowledges about crafting simple stuff and gathering wood,stone and grass.
    The rewards for finishing the first part of the tutorial are a few skill points.
    So you discover a very interesting thing about this game, the existence of a Level system like Role Playing Game.
    You can so gain experience by cutting wood, killing zombies, gathering and so on.
    Levelling up gives you some skill points and you can spend them for improving your abilities or unlocking some crafting recipes.
    You find some clothes around and you think whatever you wear is same, but not in this game, indeed there are many statistics to care about and one of these is the Temperature and so the weather, a too hot weather makes you sick and get dehydrated fast instead a too cold weather can make you die for Hypothermia.
    You finally meet the end of the day, the night comes and so the zombies become stronger too, you will have to face the fact you can't see properly and so a campfire or a flashlight is very important in order to see, but using that zombies can see you and so come to you, a risk you can't easily avoid.
    Every 7 days, in default settings, during the "red moon" night, a very huge horde of zombies come to kill you down and so hoping you have already created a proper shelter you have to begin defending yourself with everything you have.

    Final review:

    • The game is very challenging:
      • zombies are far harder than what you may think even at Scavanger ( very easy ) difficulty.
      • Scavenging you barely get enough food to eat or water to drink which leads you to try hard in order to survive.
    • The game presents a very large amount of contents and features:
      • Crafting weapons, clothes, armors, tools, vehicles, and so on.
      • Exploring a vast open world full of very many biomes and buildings.
      • Building traps, forts, auto-turrets in order to survive.
      • Cooperate or compete with your friends in multiplayer.
      • Improving the gameplay by spending skill points.
      • Fighting many type of zombies with unique abilities. 
      • Surviving with more than 50 buffs like hunger, thirst, infections, broken bones, food poisoning, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, dysentery and more.
      • Destroying the buildings and terrain formations can lead them to collapse over their own weight.
      • Looting the world for better weapons and guns.
      • Farming or hunting for food.


    • Even if the game is a lot optimized, considering 13GB of size, the game still presents some lag problems during the red moon nights.
    • Graphically the game is a little old style, even if there are many graphic settings in order to make it more realistic.
    • The game is very challenging and so very hard for new players.

    on maximum graphic settings the game presents itself like this:

    My overall review is very positive, i love this game cause it encourages creativity but still is a very challenging game and it's perfect for survival zombie game lovers.

    Informations about my laptop:

    OS : Windows 10 home
    CPU : Intel core i7-6700HQ @ 2.60Ghz 2.59Ghz
    RAM: 16GB
    Graphic card: GeForce GTX 965M

    8 february 2020 14:28 1625

    i love the surving strategy

    9 march 2020 12:59 1625

    So fun fun fuuun

    9 march 2020 14:17 1625

    This is a fun game

    9 march 2020 15:29 1625

    this is nice game

    16 march 2020 07:53 1625

    This is awesome game, but i dont like it.

    16 march 2020 12:52 1625

    najjjaci si

    16 march 2020 21:57 1625

    i love this game . it simple yet addicting . Quite a bit like minecraft

    16 march 2020 22:01 1625

    Nice game

    17 march 2020 05:59 1625

    i love this game . it simple yet addicting . Quite a bit like minecraft

    17 march 2020 06:12 1625

    hii gayss

    17 march 2020 06:12 1625

    nice one but i havent played it

    17 march 2020 06:21 1625

    I really like it.

    17 march 2020 06:39 1625

    i'll try to try it later

    17 march 2020 12:57 1625

    Hiii how are u its very good man

    17 march 2020 12:58 1625

    Like nice but always not goodaa

    17 march 2020 12:58 1625

    is a fun game not gona lie but they could make it look better

    17 march 2020 22:19 1625

    they got make look more realsitc it still looks like a xbox 360 game

    17 march 2020 22:20 1625

    also they should make a 7 days to day part 2 so they put stuff the people would like in game

    17 march 2020 22:21 1625

    crazy game

    18 march 2020 07:23 1625

    Saw gameplays of it, tottaly agree with the review.

    18 march 2020 15:03 1625


    18 march 2020 15:17 1625

    nice article man :)

    18 march 2020 15:54 1625

    i love this game . it simple yet addicting . Quite a bit like minecraft.hmm this is epic but

    19 march 2020 08:34 1625

    good job bro

    19 march 2020 09:39 1625

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