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    I have a problem with task, so can anyone help me or anyone else?

    So I compelte task and get Serf rank, but Gamehag always rejects my task with words:"It's not new account" or something like that, but I never really played this game before, so what the poblem?

    8 february 2020 00:52 28

    i ahven't play this game before, but BRUH, who cares...

    8 february 2020 11:16 28

    Try to create an account with your Gamehag nickname. I'm now trying to get Squire rank. And it's hard!
    Maybe, you made it too late. (Screenshot) , if this, create new and start from 0!
    If your Premium is out, create new (Because beginners can do a Serf within 2 days, like me)
    If it still showing error, contact with me in private chat!

    16 february 2020 18:06 28

    well the game prb force this guy because he want soul gem and he have to play the game so he can get soul gem

    8 march 2020 18:06 28

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