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    Is Roblox Safe For Children?

    Roblox is a place where people of all ages create and play games.  People can interact with each other and can be social with people.  With all the wonderful things you can do on Roblox, there can be some downsides if children play.

    What is Roblox?

    Roblox is a website where you can create games, and publish them on the web.  You can interact and chat with friends, customize your avatar, and have an amazing time.  Play with friends online, on computers, tablets, phones or even in virtual reality.


    What Does Roblox Filter?

    Roblox filters many things, from the chat inside the game to inappropriate avatars.  It would be very hard to misbehave.
    If you would misbehave in Roblox, you would likely be banned from Roblox or get a warning.

    Here is a list of how Roblox protects children:

    • Avatars will always be wearing clothes.
    • Children under the age of 13, will have a chat filter on the website and inside of a game.  The filter is extremely protective, to the point where it filters out numbers and words that will sometimes come up in day-to-day conversation.  Children over the age of 13, will be able to say more things than a child under the age of 13 would.  Either way, it filters out swearing, racism, and offensive things.
    • Anything uploaded by people will be moderated before anybody can see it.  (Advertisements, Clothes, etc.) 
    • Roblox reporting system, to report users that will not comply with the rules or guidelines of Roblox.
    • Parental controls: chatting, and privacy.

    So Is Roblox Entirely Safe?

    Although Roblox has all these features to make sure children are protected online, sometimes you could use slang to bypass chat filters, or you could create games; upload them, and edit them in the future to turn into Roblox scam games.
    Roblox scam games are fake games that pretend to give you Robux.  (Robux is the in-game currency players use to make purchases for things.  You can earn this from sales of goods, or by buying it with real money.)  The games usually ask you to type your Roblox username and password, in order to receive "unlimited Robux".  Some games have gone very far, by asking for a credit/debit card.
    Luckily, Roblox moderates its website and different games 24/7.  Making sure that it is a fun place for children, and people of all ages.
    Example of a scam: uIfZGBdo4EGx0yX2A9EYr3HUbLPY0z.png

    My Opinion

    I play Roblox a lot.  It is a very fun and intriguing game.  If you have a child/children that might want to play Roblox, and you know that they are responsible enough to play online.  Then, I would recommend to let them play.  If you want to make sure your child is safe and protected, you could access parental controls located in, Settings>Privacy.  There is no age rating for Roblox. Personally, I would recommend children 10+.


    On the extremely rare occasion that you would like to follow me on Roblox, my username is ScratchingonOfficial.  Have a nice day!

    3 february 2020 16:23 1625

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