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    The Forums ARE actually useful???

    I have realized that many people don't usually look at the forums and they don't like learning how they keep on losing exp or their ranks at certain levels so I was wondering whether the developers needs to place some tips and signs to know the appropriate rules which people should not do. what do you guys think

    3 february 2020 11:07 1628

    That is indeed a great idea that is what happens to me a lot cuz it is not clear what you may and may not do on the forums

    3 february 2020 11:50 1628

    I never used to read discussions on forums

    3 february 2020 12:06 1628

    But maybe it's useful

    3 february 2020 12:06 1628

    Who knows I will read more in the future

    3 february 2020 12:07 1628

    No. Besides, take a look at the threads, why are the few threads that say 'do not spam' closed, and all the spam off-topic threads open? I hope this message makes it through.

    3 february 2020 13:05 1628

    Moderation es really bad here, I sometimes think if things are made on purpose to take a away sg from users. I also hope this message gets posted.

    3 february 2020 13:06 1628

    I really do hope that this message reaches to other higher-ups so that they can see that new users may not stay in this site if they don't mention how they may lost their exp or ranks

    3 february 2020 15:56 1628

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