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    Naruto Online

    In this article you will find my opinion about Naruto online game. Hope this information written by me will be helpful. P.S: I assure you that this information is not plagiarized.This information is not taken from the Internet or other articles. These information have as my only source my vast experience with this game (I've been playing this game since December 2016 and I know a lot about this game) and  I don't need to search the internet to confirm the information. I assure you that the information is correct in terms of the game .
    So you can use them when you need them. It is not in my interest to offer you information that does not belong to me.I apologize from now on for the grammar mistakes but my native language is not English(is Romanian).The reason why you often see this article is because it was not accepted for various reasons(some of them being unfounded from my point of view).So after this introduction I wish you a pleasant reading.

    A short history of the game

    Naruto Online is an MMORPG game created by Oasis Game and Bandai Namco Entertainment.The game was initially released in Chinese language in 2012(Tencent company) and the English language version appeared in July 2016.A version of the game on mobile phones appeared a year or two ago.The respective version of the game introduced Boruto plot and characters(otherwise the graphics and other elements are similar to the PC game).

    The game has four characters (3 male characters and 2 female characters)and the story is based on the plot of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime.The player can enhance his abilities by participating in missions with the main character(Naruto Uzumaki) and other anime characters.This gives the feeling that your character participates directly in the action in the anime.

    These are the characters available:

    1. Scarlet Blaze-fire style(male);                                                     
    2. Midnight Blade-Lightning Style(male);
    3. Breeze Dancer-wind Style(female) ;
    4. Azure Fang-Water Style(female) ;
    5. Crimson Fist-Earth Style(male).

    This game has a lot of servers that are named after anime characters, fighting techniques or anime locations.
    There are 4 categories of servers:

    1. U.S East(New York time)
    2. U.S West(L.A time)
    3. Europe(UK time)
    4. Asia/Oceania(Hong Kong time)

    Naruto Online Plot Instance

    1. Naruto’s Ninja Handbook(you get Sakura and if you have 15 Battle Points you get 20 coupons)
    2. Land of Waves(you get Haku and if you have 30 Battle Points you get 30 coupons)
    3. Chunin Exam(you get Kankuro and if you have 45 Battle Points you get 40 coupons)
    4. Konoha Invasion(you get Anko and if you have 51 Battle Points you get 50 coupons)
    5. The Final Valey(you get Kimimaro and if you have 54 Battle Points you get 60 coupons)
    6. Rescue of Kazekage(you get Suigetsu and if you have 57 Battle Points you get 70 coupons)
    7. Battle To Defend Konoha(you get Tsunade and if you have 51 Battle Points you get 80 coupons)
    8. The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant(you get Tobi and if you have 51 Battle Points you get 90 coupons)
    9. Pain Invasion(you get Pain-Gakido and if you have 48 Battle Points you get 100 coupons)
    10. Five Kage Summit(you get Pain-Chikushodo and if you have 45 Battle Points you get 110 coupons)
    11. The Great Ninja War(I don't know exactly what it offers because I haven't finished chapter 10)

    Description of the game

    The game can be accessed on a web browser or desktop(using the mini-client).If the mini client is downloaded, the player receives a bonus that will help him to improve the character. The player must create a team of maximum 4 people.The player can choose any available Naruto character provided they have the required number of fragments.There is only one rule, this rule says that the team must be your character and the other 3 people can be chosen at your leisure. Each character class has its advantages and disadvantages and so there is no best character. Its choice should not be guided by the fact that it is the best character or not the best character.From my point of view, the choice of character should be simply random.

    There are three types of currency means. The coins and coupons can be obtained for free through the actions of the game. Ingots can only obtain them by buying them with real money.With these  means you can buy various in-game items needed to improve your character. This game encourages inactive players who have not entered the game for a long period of time (for example a month-2 months) with a consistent bonus. The consistency of the bonus is calculated based on the inactivity period.This bonus offers coins, coupons,XP and other things that will help you recover from the time you were inactive.From my point of view this gesture is a very good one especially because some players leave the game because they do not have the desired results.Various methods are available to improve the character and team strength(completing missions, upgrading character, upgrading equipment, participating in available events etc.) 

    In this game you can easily make friends by joining groups or completing missions with 2 or 3 people.My suggestion is to join a group that is important enough to take advantage of the various bonuses offered (increasing the power of the character for example).From my point of view this game is great for Naruto fans because I can help him in his path to becoming a powerful and respected ninja.

    My experience with this game 

    From my experience I can tell you that this game is easy to understand but in order to have the claim to a better place in the ranking you have to work enormously.In this game the ranking is updated once per hour so you do not feel sad if you have grown in power and your place in the ranking has not changed.

    I have been playing this game for a long time (more precisely since December 2016) and I am convinced that it is the ideal game for me. To find out if it is your ideal game and for you you have only one variant, find out about the game. The game is free and you don't be sad that the people who put the money in the game have better results than yours.It is important to have fun when you play and then you will notice something wonderful, your results that you have achieved with a lot of work.I think you're glad that you chose the hard way to have results and left the easy way behind.

    Indeed, there were times when I could not get into the game because of my busy schedule but I enjoyed every time I entered this game thanks to the players who are ready to help you if you have a problem (at least I noticed this on the server I play the most).I do not know how it is on other servers but on this server there are many welcoming people. I am pleased when I find such places with people.

    I can tell you that another easy way to have a better ranking is to log on to a newly created server. In the short term you will have satisfactions but I assure you that in the long term it will be very difficult to maintain your position. This thing is happens that on newly opened server will come different people who are willing to invest the real money to have the desired results

     I'm playing other games related to naruto but few of them are at least as good as this game. At least I can say this from the point of view of the graphics that in this game is the closest to the anime.To find out more about the game you can find me on naruto online on the s186: Hogake Office (Europe) server. My character name is FunaMinami. If you can't find me on the server for a moment   I have to learn for exams or I'm at faculty :) .If you have questions I answer with the greatest pleasure. I like to help different people if I can really do that.

    Maybe this game is not to everyone's liking but I assure you that anime fans will love it.I tried not to bring too many technical details about the game in this article because ,I wanted to be as understood by everyone.

    A negative point of the game being that if you want to have results you have to constantly invest money.Another negative point is that the experience points become more difficult at the advanced levels.This would prevent players who do not invest money from stagnating in character evolution

    My motto:" You can be a professional gamer"

    Thanks from now on to those who will read the article.I hope you find the information here useful to you.See you,catalina23

    29 january 2020 13:56 1625

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