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    Anyone know how the Ansus rune works exactly?

    It says +50% for writing articles for 7 days, but my question is when do I get these bonus Gems? Do I get it for the ones I write in those 7 days, or do I get it for the ones that get approved in those 7 days?

    7 september 2017 08:10 1628

    Using this rune is so useful for article writers, during the time of rune (1 week) every single of your articles will be included, this means if you gain 600 soul gems for your normal article it will be 900 but for getting the bonus amount, your articles must be published!

    13 august 2019 11:49 1628

    First activate the rune, then do the article.

    13 august 2019 12:53 1628

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