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    as far as i see there is a lot people in steam is hunt for steam level, badges, skins, and lot of other items, and there is a people who just came to steam only for buy and play a steam game for me, I choose play games,I dont care what is my level and badges, in the fact I never sold my trading card, but I have more interest in play game than collecting those items thing What about you ?

    6 september 2017 14:04 1628

    I don't care about leveling, especially into high level that doesn't give you anything much as a bonus. Selling cards is the only option, great profits, it will get you nice amount of money in wallet for more games. High leveling is only for rich and addicted people. I wish I could squeeze money out of rich people like this, they will basically throw money at anything that officially distinguishes them from others.

    6 september 2017 16:01 1628

    I upped my profile to lvl 13 by doing some badges for games I like, now I sell all remaining trading cards to buy new games when they come on sale. Having profile lvl more than 10 is a waste imo

    6 september 2017 16:13 1628

    I think I have level 15, but yeah I like game more than those steam items

    6 september 2017 18:50 1628

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