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    CS. GO review

    Hello Everyone! Today i will discuss about the game Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

    Let’s Get Started:



     As we all know about the game Counter Strike Global Offensive which is one of the leading Fps Games since 2012 when it first debuted after the original Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Source. The game was 14.99$ which was not much for an awesome game like CS: GO, Compared to many other games on Steam. But now the game was made free to play just recently with prime status upgrade which was 14.99$ for new player this update brought its own advantages and disadvantages. (which I will explain below)

    Game Play:

     There are many game modes available in the game:

    • Casual
    • Competitive
    • Wingman
    • Death match
    • War games
    • Danger Zone



    One of the starting modes you play when you start playing for the first time for the first time it’s a 10 on 10 Bomb Scenario with best of 15 rounds.



    This is the mode which is playable after you reach private rank 2 this is also a bomb Scenario with 5 vs 5 and best of 30 rounds these matches can last from 30 minutes to an hour (depends upon which team has the upper hand). It also has a hostage rescue Scenario but it’s not as played as the Bomb Scenario. I myself am not good at hostage rescue. This mode gives you a decent amount of Exp, that you can get more than 10 kills and at least 2 mvp’s.



    This is a mode consisting of 2 vs 2 Bomb Scenario with best of 16 rounds, its not that popular in the game but winning 10 games can give you a rank which of course will look good on your profile.


    Death match:

    This is yet another mode which everyone enjoys, it lasts for 10 minutes and during the game every kill gives you points and a 3 kill streak gives you a medi-shot. You can buy any weapon in the start of your spawn regardless to money. The player with the most points is displayed as 1st along with 2nd and 3rd.


    War games:

    This mode has 3 additional Scenario’s:

    • Arms Race
    • The Flying Scoutsmen
    • Demolition

    In Arms race after 2 kills we get another weapon this goes on until we reach the golden Knife Level in which one knife kill will grant victory in the match.

    In flying Scoutsmen only SSG-08 are used with gravity lowered and 8 vs 8 and first team to win 9 rounds wins.

    In demolition teams take turns in attacking and defending the bomb site in which the automatically granted a weapon which advances when you get a kill.

    Danger Zone:

    This is a mode recently added in the game and quickly gained fame this is an 18 player battle royal with 2 player squads these matches last at most 10 minutes. You can acquire weapons via your tablet and drone money is found and earned on the map as drops (of course including the weapons.


    Inventory Skins Cases Etc.

    CS: Go while being a greatly known fps shooter for its Unique gameplay it also has a variety of in-game purchasable items and skins, I mean if you’re playing the game you got to have skins and Music Kits which makes the game more interesting and enjoyable.


    As for being one of the best Fps games a few updates really messed up some things in the game and making the game free was one of them resulting in massive numbers of hackers that flooded the game, aside from that the game is definitely worth playing.


                                                                            Thank You for your Attention


                                                           If I missed something let me know in the comments

                                                            This is my first article so let me know my mistakes

                                                                                           GAME ON


    26 january 2020 14:17 1625

    its cools#and the best

    2 march 2020 11:50 1625

    I love csgo is best game

    2 march 2020 14:22 1625

    I want to learn a smokes tricks and so many tricks

    2 march 2020 14:22 1625

    I liked this review

    2 march 2020 14:44 1625

    Nice Article No copy paste !

    2 march 2020 15:16 1625

    this is a best game from 3d shooting game ever...

    3 march 2020 18:08 1625

    cs1.6 is better than csgo now

    3 march 2020 20:59 1625

    CSGO its the best game i have ever played soo fun and special

    3 march 2020 21:09 1625

    Nice reveiw

    3 march 2020 22:54 1625


    3 march 2020 22:56 1625

    CS:GO for the prays guys!

    4 march 2020 12:40 1625

    Csgo is a fun game that came out on march 2013 and it was a game called cs 1.6 idk im saying random things half of them is not even true

    4 march 2020 16:40 1625

    Nice work dude

    10 march 2020 09:53 1625

    i love the play and the highlight in CS:GO! It's broken!

    10 march 2020 13:32 1625

    an old game, they try to update it so much, they put new game modes to it, it s still nice but I really want to see a new counter strike.. this game is already 6 years old or 7 I am not sure about that.

    10 march 2020 17:14 1625

    Other than deathmatches and danger zone I find the game relatively enjoyable

    10 march 2020 23:02 1625

    Thank you,well done!

    10 march 2020 23:14 1625

    nice job bro excellent

    11 march 2020 03:15 1625


    11 march 2020 13:42 1625

    i play cs go for so much time but i didn't know so much about it. Thank you!

    11 march 2020 15:53 1625

    cool game i like this game

    11 march 2020 15:55 1625

    But i dont have skins :D

    11 march 2020 15:55 1625

    This is a rage game because in all competitive have a hacker

    14 march 2020 08:32 1625

    cool game i should play it

    14 march 2020 10:07 1625

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