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    In-game nickname already taken...

    Hi guys! I have a question regarding my nickname. What shall i do if I want to register intro a game (e.g. War Thunder) using my gamehag nickname (in order to receive my reward) but the nickname is already taken. Will choosing a similar nickname (e.g axaxel1, axaxel2 etc. ) still work? Am I going to receive my reward? I would really appreciate if someone could help me with an answer. Have a great day!

    24 january 2020 14:54 1628

    I agree with fomi. Otherwise I would write "axa xel" if possible :-)

    24 january 2020 19:12 1628

    I just tried what fomi said and it worked. I used axaxel_gamehag and I got rewarded immediately. Thank you!

    24 january 2020 19:35 1628

    In these multiplayer games with big userbases most of the times have the common nicks taken. However if your nick is obscure chances are higher that it will be available to you. People still do the xXx before and after nick because that's what creative ones do.

    24 january 2020 20:14 1628

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