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    Frames Or Quality

    This Is A Question I've Always Wondered What Other PC Gamers Thoughts Were. If You Had To Choose Between Max Quality Or Max FPS. Lets Say If You Chose Max Quality You would be stuck to 30 FPS No Matter The Specs.

    23 january 2020 03:26 1628

    Max quality with 30fps is pretty good in my opinion and I don't know what max frames are. I think all you need is around 120FPS but more is always better I guess. What I do is drop the graphics settings to the minimum and then bump it up untll get an average of 60FPS.

    23 january 2020 11:55 1628

    Yeah 30 FPS isn't That Bad But I Probably Should Of Said That the max fps Depends On What The Game Caps It At.

    23 january 2020 14:13 1628

    I Can Imagine What That's Like.

    23 january 2020 22:56 1628

    Frames rae more important, although, playing on really low graphics makes me feel bad, so 45 FPS and middle graphics is usually more bearable.

    28 january 2020 16:03 1628

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